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Are Digital Room Thermostats and Smart Thermostats the same?

Without the correct information, you could be led to believe that digital room thermostats and smart thermostats are the same thing. This in fact is incorrect – but to make the best decisions for your home’s heating we must better understand the differences between digital room thermostats and smart thermostats.

What is a digital room thermostat?

A digital room thermostat is a mains or battery-powered thermostat that offers a digital display for current and set-point temperatures; traditionally the digital display device has arrow buttons for the user to adjust the temperature clearly and easily.

But how does this compare to a smart thermostat?...

Smart thermostats are unmatched in the level of control they allow over your home’s heating. Not only do they feature and easy-to-use digital display, smart thermostats from Wiser are wireless, portable and can also be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app like the Wiser Heat App, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Which thermostat will my home benefit from most?

If you’re looking for greater control of your heating both at home and away, multi-zone control, enhanced features that save you energy and money and feedback about how your heating is performing, you’ll find that smart thermostats will outperform standard digital thermostats in every area.

For example, features of the smart thermostat controls from Wiser include:

  • Boost – With a few taps of the app, boost temperatures in any zone for a selected time
  • Away Mode – Make sure you don’t waste a penny when you’re away from home
  • Schedule – Tweak schedules to suit when you’ll be away and when you’re arriving home
  • Geofencing – Wiser can detect when you leave the home and turn the heating down
  • Multi-zone control – Heat up spare rooms for guest arrivals at short notice

Find out more about the smart room thermostat from Wiser and how our smart heating solutions can help you increase comfort, reduce bills and achieve total heating control.