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The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating (UFH) offers a great alternative to traditional heating systems, such as radiators. By generating heat which rises from the floor, underfloor heating systems evenly distribute heat in your home, ensuring your household’s always comfortable. With its rising popularity, UFH can be a cost-efficient option for heating your home.

There are two types of underfloor heating

  1. Wet Underfloor Heating Systems feature pipes filled with warm water and are usually powered by a boiler and embedded within a floor screed.
  2. Electric Underfloor Heating Systems feature an underfloor, ultra-thin electric heating wire that generates heat which radiates up through the floor.

Both wet and electric underfloor heating solutions connect to an Underfloor Heating Controller that sets the desired room temperature.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems Explained

  1. Underfloor heating systems are energy-efficient you could make significant energy bill savings with UFH compared to traditional heating systems since they retain heat longer than radiators. Depending on the level of your insulation, and how long the heating is on, underfloor heating could reduce energy use by 15% compared to a radiator system according to Homebuilding & Renovating magazine
  2. Underfloor heating systems offer zoning – when UFH is installed throughout a home, room temperatures can be controlled individually to suit you. Wiser’s Underfloor Heating Controller offers even smarter control; with heating and cooling control in up to six zones of wet underfloor heating remotely via the Wiser Home App or a voice assistant like Alexa, and monitoring of energy usage to help you save money
  3. Underfloor heating systems are compatible with most floor surfaces – no need to worry if you don’t have solid wood, stone, or tile floors, underfloor heating systems are compatible with many carpet types and laminated floors too.
  4. Save precious space with underfloor heating system – fewer radiators means more usable wall space. With underfloor heating, the system is completely hidden from sight, giving you more room and options when decorating.
  5. Underfloor Heating systems require very little maintenance – combine that with the potential energy savings and lower bills, UFH can be remarkably cost-effective and once installed, underfloor heating can last a lifetime!
  6. You can start small with underfloor heating – whether due to personal preference or budget constraints, it’s possible to install UFH in single rooms. Many opt for underfloor heating in their bathroom, keeping toes toasty when getting out of the shower or bath.
  7. Wet underfloor heating is compatible with heat pumps – wet UFH is a great match for low-carbon heating technologies like heat pumps and requires a lower flow temperature. So if you’re planning to turn down your boiler flow temperature down to 65°C to boost boiler efficiency by up to 5%, this is also an optimal setting for underfloor heating. Wiser and its Underfloor Heating Controller are also heat pump compatible.

Installing an Underfloor Heating System

Renovating your home or creating an extension is the ideal time to install underfloor heating as it causes the least disruption and can be cost-effective. Outside of that, you’ll need to lay new flooring onto the existing in order to accommodate the system, which adds to initial setup costs.

According to Homebuilding & Renovating magazine's Underfloor Heating Guide, installation isn’t always easy, but for a competent DIYer with the right skills, you could save money on your project. Be aware some safety-critical elements will need to be completed by a qualified professional, such as installing a new underfloor heating manifold for a wet system or connecting a power source for electric underfloor heating.

How to Make the Most of Your UFH System with Wiser’s Underfloor Heating Controller

To make the most of UFH systems, make sure your house is properly insulated. This will minimise heat loss and allow heat to travel upwards, creating an evenly heated, comfortable environment in your home. Installing a UFH Controller, such as the Wiser Underfloor Heating Controller, ensures each room is at your ideal temperature, and by only heating the rooms being used you’ll save money on energy bills too.

The Wiser Underfloor Heating Controller is ideal for anyone who wants to get smarter with their home energy, reduce their heating bills, and be kinder to the planet. If you already have Underfloor Heating, then the UFH Controller can easily be integrated into a Wiser system

How to Install an Underfloor Heating Controller

To install an Underfloor Heating Controller contact one of our Wiser Approved installers – to find a certified installer local to you, visit our handy Find An Installer page.