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The Best Summer Smart Home Products

With Summer finally here, many are looking forward to holidays and outdoor activities in warm weather. Alternatively, whether it’s because of Remote Work, hosting guests, or just plans to relax indoors, a lot of people will still be at home over the next few months. Either way, we have some must-have Summer smart home device suggestions for you!


Smart Speakers

Smart speakers with voice command functionality, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, offer great convenience all year round. But they can really come into their own during the Summer.

Say you’re hosting a BBQ or evening drinks, smart speakers are the easy option for providing a great Summer playlist. Alternatively, if you’re heading out, you can simply ask them to check the weather forecast or set reminders for your plans. These devices offer numerous features whilst remaining one of the Most Affordable Smart Home Products.


Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can turn any device into a smart product. This means that you can control a fan with just your phone or schedule other devices to turn off when you leave in the morning. As a result, smart plugs can save you significant time and money, perfect for when you’d rather just be relaxing in the sun. 

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Smart Lights and Blinds

Smart blinds can open and close based on changing sunrise and sunset times and be controlled via an app, so you’ll have control even when you’re on holiday. Control blinds and shutters from your phone to improve insulation in winter and cool down rooms in summer, making them great for Saving Energy.

Smart lights can also be an Energy Efficient Home Solution. Their features include timers, switches, motion sensors and dimmers, as well as products suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces. This makes them an ideal choice to set the mood at garden parties, deter would-be intruders when you’re away, and do anything in between!


Awair Monitor

One of the biggest problems for many in Summer is the high pollen count and increase in hay fever. That’s why Awair, an air quality monitor, is invaluable to sufferers during warmer months. This smart home device provides pollen stats and connects with IFTTT to inform users of the day-to-day changes, making hay fever sufferers more aware of the conditions so they can take precautions to keep symptoms at bay.


Smart Heating

Summer is, surprisingly, a great time to upgrade your heating system. As winter draws closer, there’s usually a spike in demand for Smart Thermostats, and thus prices can go up or availability may fall. That’s why we recommend Smart Heating as a Summer Upgrade.

There are also multiple benefits to be had in the warmer months. Being able to Schedule Room-by-Room Temperatures means your home will never be overheated in Summer. In addition, they can lower bills all year-round, and provide convenient control through a Thermostat App

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