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How to Save With Heating Insights Via a Thermostat App

With Wiser Smart Heating, you can Save Money on Your Bills by becoming more energy-efficient. Both our Smart Room Thermostats and Smart Radiator Thermostats offer you more control over your home and more convenience when adjusting and scheduling your heating. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here’s how you can save even more with the help of heating insights and our thermostat app.


See Wastage & System Performance

Smart heating insights are designed to give you a greater understanding of your thermostats and Room-to-Room Setup by providing your energy data. Wiser aims to make it as easy as possible to see any energy wastage in your home and provide you with a clear overview of your system. That’s why we developed The Heat Report.


This feature enables you to track room temperatures and compare energy usage in various parts of your home. You can also view your system by day, week, or month, so you can see where your heating is used most. These features are always available from the Wiser App and are updated daily so that you can make changes quickly to fix any potential wastage in your home.


You can access your Heat Report by installing the Wiser Heat App on your smartphone. Simply search “Wiser Heat” in either the App Store or Google Play.


Improving Energy-Efficiency with a Thermostat App

Outside of the Heat Report, the Wiser App offers many other ways to help save you money. The ability to Adjust Your Heating Schedules from the Thermostat App gives you control anytime, anywhere. This means that making improvements to your energy usage is simple and convenient.


Combining the Wiser App with smart heating insights gives you instant access to several other features such as:

  • Smart Modes, including Eco, Away, and Comfort Mode, designed to heat your home efficiently whilst maintaining comfort.

  • Open Window Detection, which switches the heating off when a draught is detected.

  • Integration with IFTTT and other smart home devices, to help you further automate and personalise your home.


Heating Insights by Wiser

Overall, smart heating insights and the Wiser App give you extensive control and oversight on your system, making it quick and easy to save more money. These features can also be used beyond our thermostats, offering functionality with our Smart Plugs as well. This means that you can make your whole home more efficient with Wiser!

You can find more information on Energy Savings with our Smart Products Here.