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The Nardini Family: Our Competition Winners Harness Smart Heating Control

We checked in with the growing Nardini family, winners of our competition featured in Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, to see how they’re benefitting from Wiser. How does our smart heating work for them?

Watch the video for the Nardinis’ Wiser story.

From House To Home: Renovation And The Importance Of Upgrading Heating Controls

Marc Nardini and his young family moved to their rural, period cottage in early 2015 and soon started work renovating property, a significant project that resulted in a two-storey extension to the rear, and a single-storey addition to the side.

Now their home had the space to grow their family, but the new layout meant problems operating their existing heating system. Older areas of the property were colder than the modern extensions that had better insulation, and they had no option but to continuously adjust their thermostats manually in these regions, as they often didn’t function properly.

“I think what we were getting so frustrated [about] with our two old thermostats, we had one downstairs and one upstairs and Marc was constantly getting up in the night clicking them on and off, because they just weren’t working. They just wouldn’t come on when we needed them to, and oddly the hallway down here was connected to the upstairs so we’ve always been looking for a new system.”


Flexible. Expandable. Wiser.

Whilst looking into smart heating options for their newly-renovated home to combat this problem, Marc noticed a competition we ran in Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. When they won, it was perfect timing for them; their new Wiser multi-room smart heating system was installed in 2018 just before winter started and immediately found their energy consumption was reduced, thanks to better heating control room-to-room.

"The system has been a breeze and having 24/7 control from your phone makes it so user-friendly; I wouldn’t go back to anything else now. It’s allowed us to make our house comfortable at all times and we love being able to control individual rooms to suit our family’s needs, particularly upstairs in our young children’s bedrooms.”


Living greener. Proven saver. Wiser.

“We had Wiser fitted just before the start of winter and our energy consumption dropped considerably, saving about 15-20% on our gas bill. The thermostats and our ability to independently control different rooms was the main reason for saving on energy costs, particularly in the older part of the house which is the heart of our home and was susceptible to draughts.”

- Marc Nardini, Wiser competition winner


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