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NEW to the Wiser Home App: Dark Mode and Signal Strength Indicators!

At Wiser we’re always working to ensure your Wiser Home app is great to use, easy to navigate, intuitive and provides useful information. We’ve listened to your feedback and have an exciting update rolling out to your device today (10th April 2024) containing two great new features. You’ll see the new app version number will be 6.9.0 once updated.


1. Dark Mode

Once your app has updated, you’ll have the option to switch between Light Mode and Dark Mode in the Wiser Home app. Like many other apps, having the option of switching to Dark Mode provides a number of benefits to your experience of the Wiser Home app:

  • Reduces energy consumption and battery use for your device
  • Reduces glare, ‘blue light’ exposure and eye strain for users
  • Easier to use for users with light sensitivity
  • Causes less disturbance in low light conditions


2. Signal Strength Indicators

You told us you’d like to see not just the connection status of your devices, but the signal strength for each device. The team at Wiser have been working away to develop this new feature in the app and we’re pleased to present new icons which you’ll find in the Devices menu under Settings.

You’ll see either one, two or three signal bars when the device is connected to the HubR. There’s no need to take action unless you have no bars, where you’ll then see a red line through the signal icon as shown below.


Find out more about Wiser's new signal strength indicators in this video:

Wiser Home app update - Signal strength and dark modes



What should I do if a device loses signal?

Wiser works on a mesh network, so when you first set up your system it’s important to allow the system to settle to fully build that network, then you can better understand any variations in signal strength. But if you continue to experience devices with no signal, follow the steps below.


Replace batteries if needed

If there's a chance the batteries in the device have run out be sure to replace them and the device should re-join the network automatically.


Reposition your devices

Some elements of a home can reduce signal strength, like thick walls and other electrical devices. For example, a fridge between the HubR and a wireless room thermostat can create interference and reduce signal strength, so you may want to consider repositioning devices and appliances if you can.


Boost the signal

Where repositioning isn’t possible, or not effective, you can boost signal to all Wiser devices in a system with a Wiser Plug. Our smart plug connects to a mains socket to boost signal and provides smart control of any appliance plugged into it. Set schedules, turn them On/Off, set up voice control, and check its status at home or away.

Find out more about the benefits of smart plugs.

If you have electric heating, our Electrical Heat Switch also acts as a signal booster whilst providing smart control of electrical heating devices like infrared panel heaters and electric (or dry) underfloor heating.


When will my app and system update?

If your app is set to automatically update, just sit back and your device will automatically update within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, simply download Wiser Home from your app store.

For firmware updates, your system will automatically check for and apply these updates within 24 hours of release. If you experience problems with this process, check our Support section.


Key info

App update version number: 6.9.0

Release date: 10th April 2024