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Should you turn off Underfloor Heating in the Summer?

Underfloor heating has many advantages and now, thanks to Wiser’s UFH Controller, it can be integrated into the rest of your smart heating system. But during the warmer months, is it worth turning off underfloor heating completely? Here’s our advice for this Summer: 

Can you turn Underfloor Heating off? 

With some systems, it isn’t always clear exactly how you switch off the underfloor heating. Some allow you to do this through the thermostats, whilst for others, it’s preferable to deactivate it through the UFH controller. Alternatively, some homes will have a switch specifically for underfloor heating. So, if you do decide to turn it off, find the best option for your heating system. 

Should you switch your system off in the Summer? 

Underfloor heating can be switched off during Summer when the outside temperature is warm enough. This is because it takes longer to warm up and cool down than other heating methods, making it harder to adjust your settings when the outside temperature is warming your home. It means you can Save Money on your Energy Bills during these months as you shouldn’t need underfloor heating throughout the season. 

However,  When We Discussed Managing Your Heating Over Summer, we recommended that other heating systems should be left on in the summer months, as these are easier to boost temperatures with. Moreover, you can still make significant energy savings by doing this with Wiser’s smart heating. We recommend activating Away Mode on your smart thermostats as this will ensure comfort while improving your energy efficiency.  

This advice also applies to your UFH controller, so the choice is yours when it comes down to whether you leave your underfloor heating activated this year. Whatever you pick, you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills thanks to our smart heating controls. 

UFH Controllers by Wiser 

Wiser offers a Future-Proof Heating System for homes with a variety of heat sources, including UFH Controllers for underfloor heating. You can find out How Wiser Works for more information. 

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