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Smart Modes: Eco Vs. Comfort

Smart Modes make the most of your energy usage by automating your Wiser smart heating system. There are a few options to choose from, so today we wanted to compare two of the most popular smart thermostat modes: Eco and Comfort. Here’s how they can help you make  Significant Energy Savings

What is a Smart Thermostat Mode? 

Wiser’s ‘smart modes’ are automated controls designed to make managing your  Smart Thermostats  even easier by optimising the heating schedules of your home. They are activated in the settings of the  Wiser Home App  and can be switched on or off anytime, anywhere. This makes them excellent tools for  Managing Your Smart Heating Remotely, and for lowering energy bills.  

Eco Mode 

Eco mode is built around the aim of being  Greener with Wiser Smart Thermostats. The smart heating control option learns about your home's thermal properties, including its reaction time to temperature changes, to turn the boiler off sooner. This has  Multi-Room Functionality  and works out the most economical way to run the system, thanks to  Smart Heating Insights. The result is greater energy savings, up to a 2% reduction in overall usage for most homes, according to a Schneider Electric study.    

Comfort Mode 

This is a useful smart thermostat mode for ensuring that your system reaches the correct heating settings on schedule and in the most efficient way. Using an algorithm to learn how long it takes to warm up your home, Comfort Mode means your home reaches the set temperatures right on schedule. It only activates the boiler at optimal times, so your  Smart Home  is always at the preferred temperature when you need it to be.   

How energy efficient are they? 

Whilst both are more effective at managing your energy usage than traditional heating systems, you may think that the above options separate comfort and efficiency. However, Wiser’s smart thermostat modes can be activated together, meaning that our heating systems can control your boiler to maximise both simultaneously. You can have Eco-Friendly Heating that can lower your energy bills, without sacrificing comfort! 

Other modes for more energy savings 

In addition to these at-home options, our heating controls also feature an Away mode, which can save you up to 14% more energy when you’re out of the house. So, to find out more about energy savings with Wiser, you can view our  Smart Modes!