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Smarter Heating For Less: Take advantage of 0% VAT on Heating Controls!

In a newly announced Government scheme  having energy-saving materials installed in your home will positively impact UK households and the country’s net zero goals by making all heating controls, including smart heating controls by Wiser, even more affordable, ensuring you’ll see a faster return on your initial investment. Read on to find out more about the scheme.


What has the Government announced?

While energy-saving upgrades like heating controls have been Proven to Save Energy and Money, the initial investment can put homeowners off upgrading, especially during this cost-of-living crisis.

Recognising the role heating controls play in reducing energy costs at a time when Energy Price Hikes are affecting millions, the Government announced in its Spring Statement a scheme to remove VAT duty on the cost and installation of energy-saving materials (ESMs)  by VAT-registered installers, passing on savings to the homeowner that will enable more UK households across England, Wales and Scotland to start saving more energy and money for a lower set-up cost.

This scheme is effective from April 1st 2022 and due to run until 31st March 2027, and aims to incentivise the uptake of energy-efficient measures to both reduce cost of living for homeowners and help the UK achieve its net-zero goals.

Find out more about the details of the scheme on the website: The Value Added Tax (Installation of Energy-Saving Materials) Order 2022


What ESMs are included in the 0% VAT-rated scheme?

  • Heating controls
  • Solar panels
  • Heat pumps
  • Insulation

It’s important to note that 0% VAT can only be applied when heating controls are NOT purchased and installed as part of a new boiler installation, which is not eligible for the 0% VAT scheme. If heating controls are purchased and installed as part of a new boiler installation, standard VAT rate must apply.


How can I get 0% VAT smart heating controls?

  • Speak to your local VAT-registered heating installer – search local installers online
  • Purchase Wiser and its installation through your heating professional
  • After installation, your heating professional should exclude VAT from your invoice, so you only pay for costs associated with the system purchase and installation work.
  • Relax as Wiser takes care of your heating to start saving you energy and money!


How much energy could I save with Wiser?

More advanced smart heating technology is giving homeowners more power to manage energy costs, by letting users tailor heating schedules and harness easier multi-room control, only using energy when and where it’s needed.

Research from BEAMA, Salford University and our customer field data demonstrates that smart heating from Wiser could save up to £450* a year when upgrading from a basic Class I room thermostat and a system that lacks multi-room heating control.

Thanks to its energy saving features and the Government’s 0% VAT-rated scheme, the energy saved with Wiser could pay back your set-up cost in less than a year in the case of an average UK 3-bedroom property.

*Research by BEAMA & Salford University 2021, plus Schneider Electric field trials of Wiser smart mode usage across 2021


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