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The Best Apps for Working from Home

The mass switch to working from home in the last year or so has been beneficial for some, but it has also created challenges for those trying to stay productive. But we believe that remote work can be more fulfilling with the right personal apps, and some can even save you money! Here’s our list of the 6 best apps for those working from home.


It should be noted that these picks have been made based on the benefits to individuals, rather than companies, so we won’t be discussing essential remote work apps for organisations like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Trello. So, without further ado, let’s begin!  



There are numerous apps for companies to track time spent on projects, including Timer+ and Trello. But Forest is arguably a better option for helping remote workers to stay focused. This is an app that helps users avoid their phones by encouraging them to take care of a virtual forest.


Essentially, when you want to focus on work, you ‘plant a seed’ on the app and it tracks how long you’ve been away from your phone and all its distractions. Over time, this seed develops into a forest to represent your productivity, making this a perfect option for individuals that struggle to remain on-task when away from the office.



MyNoise is a highly detailed noise generator. It offers a wide range of soundscape noise and nature sounds that can help users relax during long days at home. This makes it an ideal tool for those who don’t want to work in silence but get distracted by too much noise or by the sounds of a radio or podcasts. It even comes with some leftfield noise selections, including an RPG dungeon or fish tanks! 



Staying on the subject of noise, many people working from home often have the exact opposite issue – their workspace is already too loud!


This where Krisp can be crucial for effective remote working. This app removes background noise for incoming and outgoing voice calls. Thus, if you work in a job that requires daily calls and verbal communication, Krisp can help to minimise the sound of children, pets, cars, or very noisy neighbours. You can even integrate the app with hundreds of speakers, headphones, and microphone devices.


Wiser Heat App

Wiser’s smart heating systems enable you to Save Energy and Reduce your Bills, and our Thermostat App offers the best way of doing this. With this tool, you’re able to control your heating and set schedules throughout your day, great for those looking for convenient comfort whilst working from home. In fact, we believe that the Wiser Heat App is a Must for any Remote Work Environment.


You can even pair these controls with other great remote work apps such as IFTTT and other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa Products and Google Speakers!


Apple TV

Once you’ve set the perfect temperature with our Heat App, finding the optimal way of laying out your work is the next challenge for many. Working from home has made this organisation somewhat difficult, especially for those transitioning from a large desktop in the office to a small laptop in their bedroom.


Thankfully, applications such as Apple TV (but also including services like Chromecast and Roku) let you mirror the screen of your computer onto your TV. This gives you a bigger interface in which to work on and map out your ideas whilst working remotely. Ultimately it is a great solution for those who struggle to focus using only their laptop.


Time Out

Lastly, it’s crucial not to get burnt out whilst working from home, especially as many people struggle with a work-life balance without the office. Apps such as Time Out can be a great help here, as this tool lets you schedule meaningful breaks during the day. It does this by enabling you to set ‘normal’ and ‘micro’ breaks over a preferred period of time so that you have a chance to relax thoughtfully without draining energy.

We recommend checking out all of the above apps if you need something to help with your remote work days. Alternatively, if you’ve started going back to the office, you can check out Our Best Apps for Commuters Here!