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The Top Anthracite Home Design Trends for Your Home

This week we’re discussing the top home design trends that use the Anthracite colour. Considering that monochrome has long been a fashionable choice for interior design, we believe that anthracite is reimagining iconic black & white home styles. So, here are the trends that show the most potential to us, and to our anthracite Smart Heating Controls



Using anthracite 

Anthracite is a very dark grey colour that’s reminiscent of lead in that it’s almost black in appearance. It gets its name from anthracite coal, which is a dense form of the material. In fact, it has the highest energy density of all coal types, has a submetallic lustre, and is also known by the name hard coal.  


Energetic, metallic, and hard-hitting. These are all characteristics that make anthracite home design worthy of its namesake. From adding subtle touches that contrast with brighter colours, to theming entire spaces around the dark grey aesthetic, anthracite has the flexibility to create stunning new looks for your home. 


Top home design trends

Dark Academia 

One of the boldest but most exciting home design trends from the 2020s so far has been dubbed ‘dark academia’. This maximalist style took off on TikTok and is built around highlighting paintings, bookcases, and antiques in contrast to an anthracite wall or background. It creates a striking, almost moody, ambience to any space, but it’s particularly effective in Older Homes given its classical edge. 

Grey Industrial 

For more modern homes and apartments, anthracite can work wonders in giving your space a repurposed, post-industrial look. This home design trend has been around longer than dark academia, but it has proven itself as a versatile option in converted warehouses, workshops, and factories. And, with its charcoal qualities, anthracite is the perfect colour to emphasise the legacy of these types of buildings. 

Scandinavian Minimalism 

Want something in between the retro look of dark academia and the modernism of grey industrial? Then Scandinavian minimalism might be for you. This is arguably the most flexible of the anthracite home design trends, as it uses dark grey furniture and fittings alongside an open plan layout. The furniture itself doesn’t have to fit with any style or era, and it works in giving a clean look.  

Subtle uses 

Whilst not a style itself, adding subtle touches of anthracite can provide a fresh look to the rooms in your home. It contrasts well with bright colours such as light blue or yellow, so painting cabinet handles or frames in dark grey colour can be striking without becoming overwhelming. Consider this first if you’re curious to see how anthracite could work in your home but don’t want to commit to a new aesthetic.   

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