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Tips for being Eco-Friendly this Autumn

With the end of Summer, many of us will be spending a lot of time indoors again over the coming months. However, this doesn’t have to be bad news. Post-Summer represents an excellent opportunity to make your lifestyle more sustainable for the year to come. So, from gardening advice to Multi-Zone Heating, here are our tips for being eco-friendly this Autumn!


1. Prepare your home

It’s important to get ahead of any issues that may cause Energy Wastage in your Home. It’s advised to check your doors, walls, rooms, and windows for any potential exposures that can result in heat loss when it gets colder. This is an eco-friendly practice and it can be an excellent way to Winter-Proof your Home


If you have a Wiser Smart Heating System, you can even do this with help from the Heat Report, which can be found in Our Mobile App.


2. Sustainability in the kitchen

Seasonal foods are one of the best things about Autumn, and not only because it’s more sustainable! Attempting new recipes can be great fun and, if you’re also shopping local, it can be another way of being eco-friendly during this time of year.


In addition, try making your cooking more energy-efficient by using an instant pot or slow cooker. These use less electricity than an oven and they can be controlled by a Wiser Smart Plug for extra convenience.

3. Install smart thermostats

Over Autumn and Winter, a significant amount of your home’s energy usage goes towards heating rooms and keeping you warm. Around 50% of this consumption can go towards your home’s heating and hot water alone. Thus, installing Smart Thermostats is one of the best ways to be eco-friendly. 


Smart thermostats give you convenient control over your room-to-room heating, as well as numerous sustainability features. You can create eco-efficient schedules using Our Smart Modes, and Save up to 24% on your Energy Usage to reduce your heating bills significantly.


4. Green gardening

Removing dead leaves from the garden can often be a trickier aspect of the season. But, to ensure your gardening is eco-friendly, we’d recommend using self-powered equipment such as rakes to remove the foliage. To go a step further, you can even mulch the leaves and re-distribute them out across your outdoor space, as this is great for soil health.


5. Try an eco-friendly app

Smartphone apps can really help to broaden your horizons on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Even reading environmental articles such as The Leaf can be great for finding sustainability tips this Autumn. They can give support for saving water, eating more responsibly, and so much more!

Read our thoughts on the Best Eco-Friendly Apps Here. And, for more on smart thermostats, discover how you can Install Multi-Zone Heating Today.