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Top Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your DIY Dad

Dad’s love DIY and there is nothing that brings more joy to a DIY-dad than when finishing a project. In this short blog we’re going to show you some fun father’s day gift ideas that will make your dads life easier and more stress free during his daily life and home renovation endeavours. 


  1. Oscillating Multi-tool

The Oscillating Multi-tool is a wired or wireless handheld device that performs countless DIY tasks with ease. An oscillating multi-tool is one of the most versatile tools on the market and your Dad will wonder how he ever lived without it. Sanding, cutting and grinding are some uses your dad will get out of this tool. The main benefit is that dad will now be able to easily saw through materials such as new or existing wooden floors, plaster board, skirting board or architraves. 

Oscillating Multi-tools are available to purchase from a variety of top brands including DeWalt and Makita. 


  1. Stud Detector 

Understanding what’s behind the walls of your dad’s home is an important part of most of his jobs. Pipes, cables, timber joints and timber studs are hidden behind walls which makes them difficult to spot. Many dads have fallen victim to hitting water pipes and electric cables when drilling holes for shelving, tv brackets and pictures. This simple gadget allows your dad to spot what’s behind the wall before drilling through to the unknown. 

So far, the two ideas we’ve given you have been based around giving your dad the tools he needs for his DIY antics, but what if your dad already has the tools or is looking for something that he can use every day? 


  1. Smart Thermostat

Smart homes are on the rise with more and more dads opting for energy efficient homes to keep costs down. Dads tend to use a brand they know and trust when purchasing new gadgets which is why Wiser, the beautifully simple smart thermostat heating system from Drayton, is the ideal gadget for Father’s Day.  Drayton have been manufacturing heating controls for 70 years – if you look at your controls you may well already have a Drayton product installed which makes upgrading really simple.

Not only does the smart thermostat system from Wiser offer heat scheduling on your dad’s mobile phone, but it also enables you to set individual time and temperature schedules for every room in the house. And it’s easy to install so your Dad can set it up himself. 

If you still live at home with your parents, then you too can benefit from Wiser because you will be able to operate the temperature of your own room with the Wiser Heat app. This a gift that keeps on giving and your dad will enjoy adding to the smart system, with more Radiator Thermostats and Smart Plugs, as he continues to improve his home. 

Find out how to get the right kit for your dad here


  1. Amazon Prime Subscriptions

Amazon Prime subscriptions are an ideal way of allowing your dad to purchase his DIY gadgets on the go or at home, with next day delivery. An Amazon subscription gives dads access to a one stop shop with free delivery. You can give your dad some written recommendations, so he understands it’s possible to buy almost anything including the brands he trusts. For example, did he know that he can buy any of the above tools and smart heating controls such as Wiser with a touch of a button? 

Top tip: Upgrade your Dad’s DIY radio to a smart speaker to allow him to change his favourite music without having to get down from the ladder or wash the paint off his hands.


  1. Clamp Bottle Opener. 

After your dad has built, made, and tinkered with every shelving unit in the house, drank three cups of coffee and made up more flat pack furniture imaginable, it’s time for a well-earned beer. Introducing our final gift idea for Father’s Day, the clamp bottle opener, a fun way to crack open a cold one after a day of DIY.

So, there you have it, our top five gift ideas for DIY dads on Father’s Day. If you’ve got any other gadgets, gismos or bits of tech that you think should be on this list then please let us know on social media. 


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