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What Can Lowering Heating By 1°C Do?

When it comes to tips for Saving Energy, lowering the heating by 1°C is always a popular suggestion. We’ve mentioned it before on this blog when we discussed whether Smart Heating Could Reduce Your Bills. But how effective is it? We’re making it the subject of today’s blog post to assess how much money it could save you, as well as what else you could do to combat energy price increases. 

Why is it popular advice?

Many energy companies have articles on their websites that offer 1°C lower advice to save energy. This is because a lot of research has been done on the subject which identifies it as a method to reduce energy wastage. It’s been looked at frequently in the UK, where most of us set our Smart Thermostats to more than 20°C. 


What kind of difference does it make?

Results vary on the precise impact that lowering your heating by 1°C can have. Data taken from estimates that tweaking your heating controls in this way could save up to £80 a year on your energy bills. Meanwhile, other tests show that doing the same with smart heating can save as much as £100. It can also have a Significant Environmental Impact, with the Energy-Saving Trust predicting the °C reduction could prevent 300kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year, great news for the planet

Are there other factors?

Of course, there are always other things to consider, and lowering your Room-to-Room Temperatures might not be the best thing for you. Elderly households need a warmer and more comfortable environment, for instance. So, alternative energy saving advice may include:

  • Insulation – Improving your home’s insulation is essential for preventing energy wastage. Read More About Insulation Here.

  • Energy Usage – Check your heating schedules to see if you’re heating rooms at times when they’re not in use.

  • Smart Heating Controls – These give you complete control over your heating so you can save energy. Discover Their Key Features Here.

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