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What is a Home Energy Management System (HEMS)?

As the UK moves towards a green future, homeowners across the country are doing their bit to make their homes more sustainable. With the ever-growing demand for electricity, it is more important than ever that we make our energy consumption as efficient as possible.

Technology like a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is designed to do exactly that — putting the control back in the homeowner's hands. According to a Delta-EE report, the uptake of home energy management systems is set to rise by 31% each year over the next five years as more and more people see the benefits.

But what is a HEMS, and how can it help you to control your home energy efficiently?

Defining A Home Energy Management System

A home energy management system is a solution that allows you to optimise your home’s energy usage. It provides detailed information about your home’s energy and gives you granular control over heating and electrical appliances.

HEMS is made up of two components — hardware and software, that work together to bring your home energy under control. The hardware is a central unit or ‘hub’ that allows HEMS devices to communicate with each other, plus any additional monitoring and control devices like thermostats in the case of smart heating. Using remote connection the hardware transmits data and commands between you, your appliances, and your smart technology like thermostats and plugs, facilitated by software.

The software element in a home energy management system is usually a smartphone app or web dashboard that allows you to monitor and adjust the energy consumption of all linked devices. Your HEMS software will also examine your energy consumption data and look for extra clever ways that you can optimise your usage.

The Wiser Advantage

Home energy management systems like Wiser are a brilliant way to control your home’s energy usage. By installing smart thermostats to control your home’s heating and using smart plugs to turn any electrical device into a smart, connected appliance, you can fine-tune your home’s heating room-by-room, set personalised schedules, and even create automated sequences that trigger as you pull up on the drive.

All this additional control makes your home life more comfortable and convenient while saving you money on your energy bills every month. Not a bad side-effect of doing your bit to reduce climate change!

As we continue to move towards a more sustainable future, installing a home energy management system like Wiser is an excellent option. Learn more about how Wiser can benefit your home, and choose a kit that’s the best fit for your needs here.