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What To Look For In A Smart Thermostat

Deciding on what smart thermostat to upgrade to can be very daunting task, but Wiser is here to help! Homeowners today will look for various different features from their smart thermostat to suit their individual needs, but what are the key features to consider before you come to a final decision?

Ease of use

The most important factor in deciding on which smart thermostat to install into your home is ease of use, because there’s nothing more unsatisfying than purchasing new technology and it not being clear where to start when it comes to using it. The best smart thermostats have an easy installation process accompanied by a control system or heating control app with user-friendly navigation that makes all of the smart thermostat’s features easy to find.

Level of control

Smart Thermostats provide a new level of control that’s highly sophisticated yet easy to manage, giving you total control of how and when your home is heated, at any time and from anywhere you are in the world via a smartphone connected to the internet.

With this enhanced level of control, you can boost the temperature of individual rooms in your home for a selected time, schedule temperature changes which can be easily altered via your smartphone if your plans change, as well as tailoring the heating in multiple zones in your home. The ability to set different temperatures in different zones lets you keep all members of the household comfortable when they have different temperature preferences.

Reassurance via reporting

How can you be entirely sure your smart thermostat is doing what you ask of it? Smart thermostats that have additional reporting, like the Wiser Heat Report, provide data on what the system is doing – any time, any day and anywhere. With this reporting, you can track room temperatures, outdoor temperatures and compare temperatures by day, week or month which enables you to further tailor your system’s schedules, so you can heat your home as efficiently as possible.

For more information on Smart Thermostats and how Wiser can benefit you and your household, take a closer look at How Wiser Works.