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Why Winters are Better with Smart Radiators

As we enter the festive period, transforming your home’s radiators into brand-new Smart Radiators might not be at the top of your priorities. But as we all know Christmas and the cold tend to come hand-in-hand. So, if you’re reading this, you might be wondering how exactly can swapping out thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) for smart radiator thermostats really have tangible benefits for your home this Winter? Well, here are the three significant improvements that the upgrade to smart thermostatic radiator valves will have for you as we go into 2020 (and beyond!).


1: The Convenience (and the Luxury)

It’d probably be an understatement to say the pairing of our award-winning smart thermostats with our (also award-winning) smart radiator valves is worth its weight in gold. Radiator Valves can control the temperature of each room through the Wiser Heat App, which means your home can be warmed up incredibly easily from pretty much anywhere. Going on a Winter break to escape the cold? You can set your thermostat to be warming up before you get home, so there’s no need to suffer the shock of returning to freezing temperatures within your house because you wanted to save money on the bills.

With the Wiser Heat HubR connected to Wi-Fi, you can also remotely control each room of your house to be whatever temperature you want, meaning wherever you need the most heating can access it easily. With the app, an added benefit is that only you can change the radiator thermostats, so your sneaky relatives can’t tamper with these if they’re staying over during the holidays without asking first!


2: An Eco-Friendly Winter

In the UK we waste a great deal of energy heating our homes or individual rooms when we simply don’t need to, and this is especially true during the cold months. But with Wiser Smart Radiators, that convenience you get with remote controlled heating also translates to far more eco-friendly Smart Thermostats! If you’re going to be out all-day doing shopping then switching off all the heating for just a few hours can be done with a few taps of your phone screen, as opposed to manually turning all your TRVs off and then on again.

Of course, even if the environment isn’t your thing, the easier it is to do thermostat changes, the easier it’ll be to save money on your home’s energy bills over Winter, which we guess isn’t your favourite part of the colder months either?


Installation is Cheaper than you’d Think

Many people worry that whilst they’ll save money of their energy bills with smart radiator thermostats, the set-up cost will be too much to be worth it. However, if you have a Wiser system already in place then you can get our (still award-winning) Radiator Thermostats for only RRP £44.99 each. Meanwhile all our other Multi-Zone Boiler kits are all currently being offered at extremely reasonable prices, especially when considering the quality and value you receive compared to the competition. Moreover, we know that during Winter the installation of heating devices needs to be as quick and effortless as possible. Therefore, Wiser provide all the equipment you’ll need (including batteries!), and our Radiator Thermostats simply mount onto existing valves, meaning switch from TRVs should be easy.

This all means upgrading to smart radiators is more affordable than you may think, whilst taking up less time from your potentially busy Winter schedule. It means you can Switch from TRVs and still have money for Christmas and more importantly, a stress-free, temperature-controlled holiday season.


Winters are better With Smart Radiators

Oh, and did we mention that all those benefits will apply to cooling your home over Summer next year as well? That’ll be something to look forward to we imagine!


Stay warmer this winter

If you’re looking to heat your home smarter this winter (and Beyond), then a smart radiator thermostat is exactly what you are looking for! Contact Wiser today to find out more about our smart radiator thermostats and Multi-zone kits. Alternatively, for further Winter-related content, check out our article on Winter-Proofing Your Home Here.