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Wiser Customer Stories: How Wiser Helps Simon Recognise Energy Consumption Patterns to Harness Multi-room Heating Control

We got in touch with Wiser customer Simon, who agreed to tell us just how our smart thermostat system has transformed his home life, reduced his energy bills, and provided him and his family with more control over their heating.

Owning a 5-bedroom, semi-detached house with a gas boiler, Simon opted for Wiser for its room-to-room control and its accessibility via the Wiser Home app for enhanced control and a better understanding of energy consumption patterns. Read more about how Wiser has benefited Simon and his family:


Tell us a bit about yourself, please?

“We’re a family of four, we live in a 1950s semi-detached house, five—bedroom relatively large. Our boiler is gas, we had a non-condensing boiler which we changed after Wiser.”


Why did you choose Wiser?

“I chose Wiser because I wanted to control room temperatures in each room without heating up the whole house to really save money, also concerned about the power of the old boiler as well.”


How did Wiser help you?

“Wiser helped us control the temperature, (it) no longer felt hot in one room (and) cold in another. It also gave us good understanding of our costs, how we’re using fuel and everything else with fuel prices going up it’s really important to do it. We use the Away Mode, (and) use Eco Mode as well. Away Mode is really useful, having this on the app means we actually use it rather than on a button in the garage or something.”


What is the best thing about Wiser?

“The best thing about Wiser is the app I think, it’s having that on your phone. I know a lot of other systems have it, but it means you actually use the features, generally you have a phone with you all the time. Absolutely wonderful in terms of something I feel I bought and has actually delivered what it said it would.”


Would you recommend Wiser?

“I’ve recommended Wiser to loads of friends, relatives, on Facebook as well when people ask.”


“Delivered what it said it would”

Simon chose Wiser for its features that are designed to enhance control and save money, and we’re pleased that it delivers on its promise:


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Simon’s Wiser Testimonial | Smart And Sustainable Homes

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