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Wiser Explains: How Do You Control A Smart Thermostat Using Wi-Fi?

Smart thermostats controllable via Wi-Fi are the next big thing in central heating control, If you’re still using a non-connected thermostat system you could be missing out on huge benefits.



A smart heating system that connects to your home Wi-Fi for thermostat control can provide enhanced comfort and long-term energy savings. 

A multi-zone thermostat system by Wiser provides complete temperature control room-to-room, individual room scheduling and improved energy efficiency via the Wiser App’s Smart Modes, feedback via the Heat Report as well as geofencing. 

With an internet-connected system from Wiser, you will have remote access to your heating from your mobile or tablet device via the Wiser Heat app, taking control of the smart room thermostats and smart radiator thermostats from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Wiser Heat app controls include: 

  • Boost – Two clicks and you can boost temperatures for a selected time
  • Away Mode – Make sure you don’t waste a penny when you’re away from home
  • Schedule – Tweak schedules when away from home or arriving home early or late
  • Multi-zone control – Heat up spare rooms for guests arriving at short notice

The combination of the Wi-Fi connected Heat Hub, thermostat devices and the Wiser Heat App provides full control of your homes heating and energy usage with ease and by having so much control over your heating and energy usage, this ultimately plays a key role in reducing your heating costs and creates a comfortable environment for the entire household.

When the Heat Hub is connected to your home Wi-Fi, it creates a radio frequency signal that communicates with all Wiser devices in the system. When you make a change to your heating via the Wiser Heat App, his information is communicated via Wi-Fi to the Heat Hub, which then commands the devices via radio frequency. With this network, even if you lose your home Wi-Fi connection, your system will continue to function on your set schedules.

The future of central heating control is now; no matter where you are, Wi-Fi connected thermostat systems keep you in control of your home.