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Wiser Explains: Just What Exactly Is A Smart Radiator Thermostat?

Looking for accurate heating control of individual rooms, via an easy-to-use app anywhere, at any time? We explain how the award-winning design of the smart TRVs from Wiser gives  you superior  Multi-Zone Heating Control.


Smart radiator thermostats are essentially the latest trend in Smart Home Heating Controls. The “smart” element to the radiator thermostat is the built-in technology providing remote control of your heating system via our  Wiser Home App. This allows for full control of your home heating anywhere in the world on your connected mobile device and so much more, including: 

  • Features like Smart Modes and Moments for advanced heating control 

Why do I need a Smart TRV? 

By using smart radiator thermostats, you’ll have the ability to increase, decrease and schedule individual room temperatures for maximum comfort. All this additional control is built around efficiency, meaning that you can Save Energy and Keep Your Heating Costs Low. Being able to control your home heating via your heating app means you’ll never waste a penny while you’re away from home. 

Other Benefits of Smart TRVs include: 

  • Enable voice commands with  Amazon Alexa  & the  Google Assistant  for ease-of-use when your phone is out of reach. 

  • Boost room-to-room heating with a twist of the cap or a tap of the app. 

  • Multiple sensors for higher temperature accuracy. 

  • Battery operated so no untidy or fussy wires that could create clutter. 

  • Available in a Multipack 

Smart Radiator Thermostats by Wiser 

With Wiser, you can save energy and reduce your bills by controlling your heating with a Smart TRV and our app. Smart heating controls keep your energy usage down in multiple zones, whilst offering comfort and convenience through your smartphone. 

Learn more about Wiser Smart TRVs Here.  

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