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Wiser Explains: What Is Multi-zone Heating?

Multi-zone heating is an excellent solution, which can help you stay comfortable in each room while saving on your energy bills. 

What Is Multi-zone Heating? 

Multi-zone heating enables you to split your home into multiple zones with individual heating control, using smart heating controls like Wiser and smart radiator thermostats



If you have a conventional boiler system with two thermostats, your home is already split into two heating zones — and you can use smart controls like the Wiser Thermostat Kit 3 to manage these areas from the Wiser Home App.  

If you’ve only got one thermostat, you can still benefit from multi-zone heating in your home! Choose the multi-zone heating kit compatible with your heating system, and if you want even more control over your home’s multi-zone heating, you can add smart thermostats to each radiator. 

How Can Multi-Zone Heating Benefit Me? 

From improved comfort to better energy efficiency and reduced heating bills, there are so many multi-zone heating benefits that you can enjoy.  

One of the best multi-zone heating benefits for homeowners is that you have better control over your heating — you’re no longer relying on a single temperature setting across the whole house. You’re free to stay cosy in the living room and set a lower temperature in the bedroom so it’s not stifling when you go to bed. 

Another important multi-zone heating benefit is that you don’t have to compromise on comfort to save on your heating bills. By heating certain rooms less than others, you can tailor your heating to your lifestyle — great for the environment and even better for your bank balance.  

Technology may put some homeowners off switching to smarter home heating, meaning they miss out on all the multi-zone heating benefits — but with the super-intuitive Wiser Home App, we’ve made it easy. You’ll have complete visibility over your multi-zone heating system from your smartphone, and you can signal-boost any hard-to-reach zones while controlling and scheduling electrical appliances with our new Wiser Plug


How Do You Install Multi-Zone Heating? 

From new builds to period properties and combi boilers to conventional systems, Wiser is easy to install by mounting the multi-zone heating kit to the standard UK wallplate found across most existing central heating controls.  

We recommend using one of our approved, independent installers to ensure that your multi-zone heating system is set up correctly, so you can enjoy all the multi-zone heating benefits immediately. 

Which Multi-Zone Heating System Should I Choose? 

Now that you’ve discovered what a multi-zone heating system is and how multi-zone heating benefits your home, learn even more about multi-zone heating control and find the right Wiser multi-zone kit for your system.