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Wiser Sponsors Local Warm Room to Soften the Chill for Communities This Winter

We are Wiser, and as part of the global Schneider Electric network, we believe in access to energy for all. And as a brand founded in Devon, we feel strong ties to our local communities and the challenges faced by all in this cost-of-living crisis.


What is a Warm Room?

Many households across the UK face an agonising decision this winter; to heat or to eat.

A Warm Room, also referred to as a Warm Space, Warm Hub or Warm Bank, is an indoor space where people can get inside and get warm for free, and will usually have access to a range of support if they’re experiencing financial difficulties paying for their energy at home, as well as being a space to meet other people, combat loneliness and reduce isolation.


How is Wiser Supporting the local Warm Room?

This year, we’ve pledged our support to local organisation Southway Community Group CIC, by funding sessions for its annual Warm Room service, which provides a safe, warm, and social space plus a hot drink, soup, and a bread roll, accessible to around 13,000 local residents every Monday through the winter, running alongside a volunteer-run food bank.

As one of around 40 registered Warm Rooms in Plymouth in 2023, this helps to support thousands of households across the area.


Is it Just About Warmth?

The service doesn’t just help its attendees enjoy better health by staying warm, but tackles other common issues like loneliness, isolation, poverty and giving residents somewhere to ask for help without judgement. Regular craft and activity groups provide some much-needed fun and enrichment for those going through difficult times.


What Happens in Warm Rooms?

Southway Community Group CIC volunteer Anya is keen to raise awareness of the Warm Room services to those most in need:

“The people that come to use our Warm Room are here because their bills are too high, they find them confusing, or they are trying to avoid putting the heating on yet to save money during the cost-of-living crisis. We strive to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for all, and the users of the room enjoy the community aspect it offers them, too.

“The Warm Room gives residents a chance to meet others and get involved with some of the centre’s activities too, such as the wreath-making class we have coming up at the start of December.”

-   Anya, Southway Community Group CIC volunteer



Local residents like Denise are already feeling the benefits, not just by saving money on energy, but for their overall wellbeing:

“It has helped me build confidence, being able to meet new people, and if I have a problem I can speak to the staff. It’s a nice break from being at home and means we can save money on our energy bills.”

-   Denise, local Southway resident

Above: Karen, Community Builder for Southway Community Group and Anya, volunteer at Southway Community Group



On behalf of Wiser, Jeremy is proud to have helped this local cause deliver practical help to communities being hit hardest by soaring costs and plunging temperatures:

“It has been an honour to help such a worthwhile cause and bring warmth and comfort to the local community, especially in this difficult time where energy bills are high, and the cost-of-living crisis continues. We’re delighted to have been able to support Southway Community Group in supporting members of our local community who might be struggling.”

-   Jeremy Palmer, General Manager, Wiser



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How Can I Find a Warm Room Near Me?

Check your local council website for council-funded Warm Rooms in your area.

There are over 3,000 Warm Rooms now registered in the UK funded by the Warm Welcome Campaign. Visit the Warm Welcome Campaign website to find your nearest Warm Spaces, register a Space, volunteer, and get support.


How Can I get Support with Heating Bills?

For help finding grants, visit the EON website to get the funding you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency.