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FAQs - Getting Started

Wiser will work with all common boilers except gravity fed systems or boilers requiring manufacturer specific controls.

Wiser will fit 95% of valves. There are a small number of less common valves which may need extra adaptors. These include Oventrop, Herz, TA, Giacomini, Markaryd, Ondal, Vaillant. If you need support with identifying valves or purchasing adaptors please contact our customer support team.

No. The only cost with Wiser is the cost of the product. Once you have purchased it there are no further costs unless you want to expand your system.

Yes. You will need broadband in your property to use Wiser.

Yes. Wiser makes use of industry leading technology to ensure the best experience now, and for future products. Wiser works with Amazon Echo, the Google Assistant, IFTTT, and we are working on other services to further integrate Wiser within the Smart Home.

Wiser is available through a range of channels.

Yes, there is a Wiser system to suit both types of boiler – try our product selector to find the right one for you.

Schneider Electric established the Global Security Lab as an independent entity to ensure vigilance against the latest threats and enable defense against our systems from a cyber-attack. Our advanced security systems, which operate between Wiser in-home products, App and cloud services, use the same encryption technology as banks to protect end-user data. The Wiser Heat App and all software are continually updated to stay ahead of any potential threats to security. Schneider Electric doesn’t use end-users’ personal data for any purpose other than to improve the service and support provided and the data is not shared with any third parties.

No. Wiser can be taken when you move house and re-installed in your new property. If you are removing an old control that still works we recommend keeping it so it can remain in the property should you leave and take your Wiser system with you.  .

Wiser will continue to work normally if internet connection is lost. The app will also continue to work in the home if cloud connection is lost.

Wiser Heat Hubᴿ fits on a standard wallplate and all other devices are wireless so installation couldn’t be easier and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. The app guides you through how to add devices to the system.

2 AA batteries per device

  • Depending on your smartphone you will need to go to the Apple App store for IOS devices, and for Android phones you will need to get the app from the Google Play store. Both of these stores can be located on your smart device.
  • Search for WISER HEAT

The Heat HubR heating channel(s) does/do not support UFH configurations. UFH requires an on/off type heating algorithm but HubR uses a load compensating algorithm in its current implementation.

We also recommend against using UFH on the hot water channel – this zone will always appear as “Hot Water” in the app and it is not possible to configure a room thermostat to this zone.

Wiser currently uses one email address per account to control the system, however, the same account can be used on different devices simultaneously.  

Yes, Radiator Thermostats can request heat from the Wiser Heat Hub which instructs the boiler to fire.

The Room Thermostat overrides the Radiator Thermostat when placed in the same room.

The Room Thermostat isn’t required for the system to work but it is recommended as it provides a visual temperature reading and improves accuracy. If, for example, you have an open plan space with multiple Radiator Thermostats you should ideally use a room thermostat as a central control to maintain accuracy. The room thermostat also allows you to boost or override the room from one point.

The Wiser Room Thermostat is designed to control the heating within the ‘zone’ it resides and is not a master control for the entire home.

Each multi-zone kit is designed to get you started, then you can add to your system when you are ready. The Room Thermostat enables you to control your living space whilst using existing mechanical TRVs to limit the temperature in other rooms. We recommend that you start by positioning your two Radiator Thermostats in a room where you want the most control. See the user guide for full recommendations.

FAQs - Wiser Product Features

16 zones heating zones (plus one hot water), with up to 5 devices in each up to a maximum of 32.

Wiser can support up to 3 channels – just make sure you select the correct Kit.

OpenTherm is a digital interface between the boiler and your Wiser system. OpenTherm provides additional functionality including:

  • Modulating boiler control saving energy
  • Boiler diagnostics highlighting whether the boiler is operating as it should
  • Historical boiler data including status indications and operational information.

Wiser has more than weather compensation, it has EcoMode. EcoMode establishes the thermal profile of a home and by using weather compensation combined with optimal stop, maximises energy saving and enhances comfort.

  • Eco Mode is an optional feature that can be controlled via the app, to be turned on and off when you require – found in the settings of the WISER heat app.

FAQs - Troubleshooting 

Not a problem, there are a number of resources available to help guide you through the setup of your home heating control. 

  • Support documentation in the documents and downloads section below.
  • Specific FAQs to help below
  • Installation and quick user guides that came in the packaging of your device
  • Or if that is still not solving your issue, we are here to help +44 (0) 333 6000 622 or Email Us.
  • If you’re having trouble with your Wiser system, you have a number of resources from the quick start guide and installation instructions that will have come with your product (in the box)
  • Or check the FAQ’s below to see if any of these help in resolving your problem
  • And finally if all the above has not helped, we are always available to take your call or email on +44 (0) 333 6000 622 or
  • Ensure your e-mail address has been typed correctly in the username field
  • Your password has met the min specified requirements, and is the same in both fields of the app
  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi is enabled on your smartphone and has been previously connected to the Wi-Fi network you have now connected your Wiser system to.
  • Confirm that your Wiser system has successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network of choice and that you are not having any internet issues with your router (usually indicated by a red light on your router above broadband or internet LED display)
  • This usually means that the username and/or password you’ve entered does not match our database; please try re-entering carefully.
  • If this remains a problem you can hit the ‘reset’ password option in the app and this will send a temporary password to your e-mail. You’ll be asked to change this once you’ve logged in successfully.
  • Also if outside the home check that your smartphone or tablet that you are using has an internet connection, otherwise you won’t be able to have remote control of your heating system.
  • If you are having issues connecting to your system via the app outside the home ensure that you are not connected via Wi-Fi to a corporate or workplace Wi-Fi network. If so turn off your Wi-Fi and attempt connection via 3G/4G to see if this resolves your issue. (This is because some workplace Wi-Fi may have security restrictions on what app/sites can be accessed in the office.)
  • This can happen if your home internet connection is not working for any reason. If your Wiser Heat HubR cannot connect to the internet (via your router) for whatever reason this will be indicated by a flashing red LED above the SETUP button on the Heat HubR
  • If the LED is solid red above the setup button on the Heat HubR it means that the Hub cannot connect to the cloud, if this happens please confirm that your home internet is still up and working – you can do this by connecting another device such as smart phone or tablet to the Wi-Fi and checking that you can still access a website.
  • If your home internet is not working please contact your internet service provider to raise a fault.
  • If everything looks ok try restarting your home router, and force closing the app, then try logging in again after 5 minutes, if the problem persists please get in touch.
  • Top tip -  a stable connection to the cloud via the internet is shown on the Heat HubR as a solid green LED
  • Firstly make sure the app is up to date, and that you are running the latest version. You can do this by going to the app store or Google Play store and seeing if there are any updates available.
  • If this is up to date please check the LED status on the Heat HubR, if solid RED LED light is on above the setup button this means that the connection to the home Wi-Fi router has been lost, your internet is down, or there is a cloud issue. If you believe that your router and internet are fine please get in touch with us, so that we can help resolve any issue our end.
  • If for whatever reason your internet connection stops working, if you are at home and your smartphone and/or tablet is connected to the same WIFI network, you should still be able to use the app to control your heating and hot water.
  • If outside the home and your internet / home Wi-Fi fails for whatever reason, you will not be able to control your heating or hot water via the app. Don’t worry though, your heating and hot water will still work and will run to any pre-programmed schedule.
  • There is also manual override on the Heat HubR directly. By pressing either the hot water or heating buttons (depending on 1 channel or 2 channel variants) this will override any pre-programmed schedules and engage the heating and or hot water directly for a period of 1 hour for hot water and 2 hours for heating.
  • If you forget your password, don’t worry, on the login screen of the app please select the forgotten password link and we will e-mail you with a link that will allow you to change your password. You will then be able to login into the app and your device using this. Remember your password will need to meet the minimum criteria to be accepted.
  • Please refer to the detailed instructions either via the app or in conjunction with the app use the detailed printed instructions that came with the heating control to help guide you through the process.
  • If that still does not help, feel free to give us a call or email, and we will endeavour to guide you through the process.

Firmware update from 2.12.2 to 2.16.1 (devices 2285 – 2307) causes the room thermostat screen to go blank 30 minutes to an hour after user has installed the hubR for the first time and connected to the internet. This is currently normal behaviour and there will be an update in the near future. There is nothing wrong with the room thermostat, it is just loading new graphics, and by doing this the screen can go blank for up to 30 mins. Please follow the below steps if this happens:

  1. Do not remove batteries
  2. Do not attempt to reset the room stat
  3. Do not remove the device from the app in rooms and devices
  4. Wait 30 minutes, and when attempting to wake the thermostat up the screen will come back
  5. If you still experience issues please contact customer services

​​​​​If you cannot access the Wiser app outside the home it may be because your account hasn’t paired correctly. If this happens please don’t worry, contact customer services providing the email address you attempted to register with, they can then confirm how to proceed.

In the unlikely case that your account has not paired follow the steps below:

  1. Register the account again. The best way to do this is to close or logout of the app, and power cycle your Wiser Hub (not reset)
  2. Put the Hub into setup mode - flashing green led once powered back on
  3. Open the app and select - setup new system / create account in app
  4. Skip adding rooms and devices as you have already done this
  5. Complete the WiFi journey again - it should remember your details
  6. You will then be able to create user account
  7. Once that is done and you have verified the user account via email go back to the app
  8. You can then put your address details in the app
  9. This will then pair your account to the device and you can use the app outside the home
  10. The app will log into your system automatically

Yes – One bar indicates that the system is connected to the Heat HubR and will be fully functioning. User experience won't be affected by the number of signal bars displayed. The lack of a connection is indicated by a red ! . If this is the case, please contact Customer Support on 0333 6000 622

If the supplied adapters don’t enable you to fit your Wiser Radiator Thermostat to your existing radiator, please see our handy Wiser Radiator Thermostat Adapter Guide, which offers suggested alternatives and where you can find them to buy. This is located in the Documents & Downloads section below.

If your signal strength is low then you may need a WiFi repeater to be installed to improve the coverage, but if your system is operating as you’d expect then this may not be necessary. The nature of WiFi networks mean that some ‘low signal’ system will work with no issues as the environment may be favourable. WiFi repeaters are available from any good electrical retailer.

You can find your signal strength by navigating to ‘Settings’ > ‘Rooms & Devices’ and scroll down to the Hub.

This is perfectly normal and your system is working correctly. The flame symbol shows your room/zone has not yet reached the set point, however your boiler will go on and off according to the algorithm. As the room/zone gets close to the set point, the time the boiler is on will decrease. This basically means the boiler is ensuring that your room doesn’t over heat and you don’t waste energy.

After a power failure please give your Wiser system up to 15 minutes to fully recover. There is no need to reset or disconnect any of your Wiser devices during this period.

FAQs - Amazon Alexa 

To get started, select the ‘Enable Skill’ button in the Alexa App to link your Wiser Heat account and discover your devices. Find more information about connecting Smart Home devices here.

The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, and Fire TV with Voice Remote will all work with the Wiser heating system.

Yes, to edit the name of any room open the app, go to settings and select the ‘Rooms and Devices’ option from the menu. In this screen, you can select the room you want to edit from the list of available rooms. You can even add new rooms from this screen if you want to.

Once you have renamed your room you’ll need to evoke the Discover Devices command.

A few examples of the types of commands that will work are below. Words in brackets are interchangeable with your room names and desired temperatures

Discover devices:

  • "Alexa, discover devices"

Control the hot water

  • "Alexa, turn on the hot water"

  • "Alexa, turn off the hot water"

Control a thermostat:

  • "Alexa, set (living room) temperature to (20) degrees"

  • "Alexa, increase the bedroom temperature" (this will default to a 1°C increase if a temperature isn’t specified)

  • "Alexa, decrease the temperature by (1°C)"

Check your thermostat:

  • "Alexa, what’s the temperature in the (kitchen)?"

  • "Alexa, what’s my (bedroom) set to?"

FAQs - Google Home

Open the Google Home app on your mobile device

Tap the menu in the top left corner and select “Home control” from the menu

On the “Home control” page tap the “+” button

Select “Wiser Heat” from the list of available smart skills

On the Wiser log-in page, enter your Wiser log-in credentials

Upon successful completion of the above steps you will see a list of your Wiser Heat rooms (and Hot Water if applicable)

Note that all Wiser Heat rooms (and Hot Water) are listed as Google Home “Devices” rather than “Rooms”.

The Google Home and Google Home Mini will booth work with the Wiser heating system.

Yes, to edit the name of any room open the Wiser Heat app, go to settings and select the ‘Rooms and Devices’ option from the menu. In this screen, you can select the room you want to edit from the list of available rooms. You can even add new rooms from this screen if you want to.

Once you have renamed your room you’ll need to tell Google Assistant to “Sync my devices”  

Control the hot water

Okay Google is the hot water on?

Okay Google turn ON/OFF hot water

Control a thermostat/radiator thermostat:

Okay Google set (room name) to (XX degrees)

Okay Google turn up/make warmer/increase the temperature (will increase the set-point temperature by 3 degrees)

Check your thermostat/radiator thermostat:

Okay Google how warm is (room name)

All changes requested via the Google Assistant are valid for one hour or until the next scheduled event


IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform which Wiser can integrate with to provide enhanced functionality. IFTTT enables you to link smart products together to create new actions. For example, you can integrate Wiser with the Life 360 app to set up a command that says, “When the last family member leaves the house activate Away Mode.”

These triggers, and subsequent actions, are referred to as ‘recipes’ and they can be set-up between Wiser and any other smart device with IFTTT integration. There are a range of ready-made Applets with specific functions on the Wiser IFTTT page to get you started.

Connecting couldn’t be easier.

  1. Set-up a free account with IFTTT.
  2. Link your Wiser account with IFTTT.
  3. Then simply visit the Wiser Heat channel and you’re ready to start using the ready-made Applets or create your own recipes.

IFTTT integration is currently focussed around Away Mode as an end action. This can be activated by a variety of triggers such as geofencing. Explore the full range of Applets.

We will continue to add more actions over the coming months, check back for updates.

FAQs - Wiser Plug

Up to 10 smart plugs can be added to a Wiser system.

The Wiser Plug can support up to 6 Wiser heating devices (radiator thermostats or room thermostats).

Works with standard UK mains wall socket (230V a.c.)

Each smart plug has an independent 7-day schedule that can have up to 8 ON/OFF events per day.

You can select whether you want the smart plug to follow Wiser’s Away Mode and automatically turn OFF when Away Mode is activated. This is set in the Wiser Heat app. Go to Settings and select Away Mode. On this screen, each smart plug has a toggle switch to indicate if they are to turn OFF when Away Mode is activated.

If a smart plug was specifically added to the Wiser system as a range extender, it must not be moved to another wall socket as this will alter the RF signal. If, however, a smart plug was added to the system in order to control an electrical device such as a light, it can be freely moved to other wall sockets.

Most household appliances can be used with a smart plug, as long as they are rated for max 3kW. We do not recommend plugging medical devices or other critical household appliances like a fridge or a freezer. For heaters, only connect heaters that have an internal thermostat, overheat protection and a built-in safety trip switch. Make sure the appliances are not covered or obstructed in any way. If remote access/Internet connectivity is lost, ensure that somebody can access your home to turn devices off.

No. The smart plug is for indoor use only.

No, it must be connected to the Wiser system.

Yes, smart plugs can be switched ON/OFF in the app and manually (using the ON/OFF button on the smart plug).

Wiser Plugs are available to purchase on Amazon



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