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No. The only cost with Wiser is the cost of the product. Once you have purchased it there are no further costs unless you want to expand your system.

Yes. You will need broadband in your property to use Wiser.

Yes. Wiser makes use of industry leading technology to ensure the best experience now, and for future products. Wiser works with Amazon Echo, the Google Assistant, IFTTT, and we are working on other services to further integrate Wiser within the Smart Home.

Schneider Electric established the Global Security Lab as an independent entity to ensure vigilance against the latest threats and enable defense against our systems from a cyber-attack. Our advanced security systems, which operate between Wiser in-home products, App and cloud services, use the same encryption technology as banks to protect end-user data. The Wiser Heat App and all software are continually updated to stay ahead of any potential threats to security. Schneider Electric doesn’t use end-users’ personal data for any purpose other than to improve the service and support provided and the data is not shared with any third parties.

  • Depending on your smartphone you will need to go to the Apple App store for IOS devices, and for Android phones you will need to get the app from the Google Play store. Both of these stores can be located on your smart device.
  • Search for WISER HEAT

Wiser is available through a range of channels.

No. Wiser can be taken when you move house and re-installed in your new property. If you are removing an old control that still works we recommend keeping it so it can remain in the property should you leave and take your Wiser system with you.  .

Wiser will continue to work normally if internet connection is lost. The app will also continue to work in the home if cloud connection is lost.

Wiser currently uses one email address per account to control the system, however, the same account can be used on different devices simultaneously.  

16 zones heating zones (plus one hot water), with up to 5 devices in each up to a maximum of 32.

Wiser can support up to 3 channels – just make sure you select the correct Kit.

OpenTherm is a digital interface between the boiler and your Wiser system. OpenTherm provides additional functionality including:

  • Modulating boiler control saving energy
  • Boiler diagnostics highlighting whether the boiler is operating as it should
  • Historical boiler data including status indications and operational information.

Wiser has more than weather compensation, it has EcoMode. EcoMode establishes the thermal profile of a home and by using weather compensation combined with optimal stop, maximises energy saving and enhances comfort.

  • Eco Mode is an optional feature that can be controlled via the app, to be turned on and off when you require – found in the settings of the WISER heat app.

Yes, the Wiser Heat app works on a tablet. However, the user interface has not yet been optimised for these devices so you will benefit from a better user experience on a smart phone. 

Get in touch with our technical support team who will talk you through the steps and create a new account for you.

Wiser will work with all common boilers except gravity fed systems or boilers requiring manufacturer specific controls.

Wiser will fit 95% of valves. There are a small number of less common valves which may need extra adaptors. These include Oventrop, Herz, TA, Giacomini, Markaryd, Ondal, Vaillant. If you need support with identifying valves or purchasing adaptors please contact our customer support team.

Yes, there is a Wiser system to suit both types of boiler – try our product selector to find the right one for you.

Yes. You will need broadband in your property to use Wiser.

Wiser Heat Hubᴿ fits on a standard wallplate and all other devices are wireless so installation couldn’t be easier and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. The app guides you through how to add devices to the system.

2 AA batteries per device

Yes, with Wiser you can set up a zone for your annexe with Radiator Thermostats and Room Thermostats. The Wiser Plug is also available to extend the range.

Get in touch with our technical support team who will talk you through the steps and create a new account for you.

The Heat HubR heating channel(s) does/do not support UFH configurations. UFH requires an on/off type heating algorithm but HubR uses a load compensating algorithm in its current implementation.

We also recommend against using UFH on the hot water channel – this zone will always appear as “Hot Water” in the app and it is not possible to configure a room thermostat to this zone.

Yes, Radiator Thermostats can request heat from the Wiser Heat Hub which instructs the boiler to fire.

The Room Thermostat overrides the Radiator Thermostat when placed in the same room.

The Room Thermostat isn’t required for the system to work but it is recommended as it provides a visual temperature reading and improves accuracy. If, for example, you have an open plan space with multiple Radiator Thermostats you should ideally use a room thermostat as a central control to maintain accuracy. The room thermostat also allows you to boost or override the room from one point.

The Wiser Room Thermostat is designed to control the heating within the ‘zone’ it resides and is not a master control for the entire home.

Each multi-zone kit is designed to get you started, then you can add to your system when you are ready. The Room Thermostat enables you to control your living space whilst using existing mechanical TRVs to limit the temperature in other rooms. We recommend that you start by positioning your two Radiator Thermostats in a room where you want the most control. See the user guide for full recommendations.


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