Together, we are Wiser

As Wiser, we’re part of Schneider Electric, an impact company - the most sustainable company in the world. With 185 years of energy expertise behind us. And an exciting future ahead.

Taking care of your energy

Schneider Electric helps customers in more than 100 countries make the most of their energy. And helps ensure that Wiser is one of the most affordable, reliable, and sustainable brands for our customers today, and for years to come.

There’s more to it than products that act as smart as they look. For us it’s as much about smart care as it is about smart living. As the world moves to a focus on electrical heat, we’re at the heart of it.

With Wiser you can stay ahead and stay sustainable. Saving energy saves you money and helps the planet’s resources. Because we care about that too.

Made by Drayton, brought to you by Schneider Electric

All your Wiser products are designed and made by Drayton, who know a thing or two about British-made quality, because they’ve been keeping the UK warm and snuggly for over 70 years. From their home in Plymouth to yours.

As one of the leading domestic heating brands in the country, Drayton designs UK products for UK homes. And with a zero to landfill policy, they understand the importance of saving precious resources and reducing their carbon footprint. Schneider Electric shares this ethos and created Wiser to help you choose a heating company that does more for the planet, with products that work in harmony with your world.

Taking care of new ideas

Home is where the heart of innovation is. And we’re the home of British design and engineering. Our Plymouth HQ is where teams of designers, engineers and product developers build a better future. From cloud architecture, app updates to market trends, your feedback guides the way.

As homes become more and more electric, we’re going to be there right in step with you. Investing in new products and new ways to empower our customers to make homes smarter and more sustainable.

We invest in technology because we care about the future of your home. And the future of our bigger home, the planet.