Wiser Heating Control App

Always at your side, always available when you need it; meet the Wiser Heat app, your new best friend. Wiser lets you save money and maximise comfort by controlling your central heating and hot water from anywhere. You can download our heating control app by searching “Wiser Heat” in the App Store in iOS or Google Play Store on Android.

Easier with Wiser

Adjusting your home’s heating controls couldn’t be easier. With the Wiser Heat app in your pocket, you can stay in control wherever you are, whenever you like.


Getting chilly? Two clicks and you can boost temperatures and override your heating schedule for a given time.

Insights and Heat Report

Feeling curious? See exactly what your central heating system's up to, anytime, anywhere with Insights.

The Smart Modes

Want to save money? The Smart Modes are designed to maximise efficiency of your smart thermostats.

Schedule changes

Plans changed? Tweak your heating schedule, and turn your hot water on or off from anywhere in the world.

Multi-room control

Last minute guests? Heat the spare room up before you get home. Learn more

Top features of the Wiser Heat app

The Wiser Heat app has various features and the Smart Modes provide benefits like enhanced energy savings, comfort and convenience. 

Insights and Heat Report

Wiser Insights help you develop a greater understanding about your heating system and shows you how much energy you've saved. These are displayed on a clear format within the Wiser Heat app.

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Smart modes

Configure and activate the Smart Modes via the settings menu for ultimate convenience and energy savings from your home’s central heating system.

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Easily control your heating schedules and set different temperatures in every room remotely. You can adjust any of your smart thermostats with just a tap of the app. 

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Open Window Detection

Prevent energy wastage if a window is opened while the heating's on

This clever mode switches the heating off in a given room if the draught from an open window is detected, stopping energy wastage in its tracks!

You can enable this feature for each room in the Wiser heating control app now. Simply go to Room Details in the Settings menu and tap the toggle.