Your new best friend

Always at your side, always available when you need it. Meet the Wiser app, your new best friend. Wiser enables you to save money and maximise comfort by changing your heating and hot water from anywhere.

Easier with Wiser

Controlling your home heating couldn’t be easier with the Wiser app. Put it in your pocket and stay in control wherever you are, whenever you like.


Feeling chilly? Two clicks and you can boost your temperature for a selected time.

Away Mode

Whisked away for a weekend? Use Away Mode to ensure you don’t waste a penny.

Eco Mode

Worried about wasting energy? This smart feature prevents over-heating.

Schedule changes

Plans changed? Tweak the schedule from anywhere in the world.

Multi-zone control

Last minute guests? Heat the spare room up before you get home.

Wiser Modes

The app's integrated smart modes are designed to enhance your Wiser Heat further to maximise your comfort, convenience and even save you money. Activate via your Settings menu to start reaping the benefits today.

Eco Mode

By activating this smart feature, Wiser will learn about your home's thermal properties and how long it takes to react to changes in temperature.

By combining this with weather data, Wiser finds the most economical way to run your system, ensuring you never waste energy and money over-heating your home.

Away Mode

If you're heading out and don't want to waste money and energy, activate Away mode to instantly reduce setpoints through the home to your desired level with a single click.

For an even smarter and more convenient solution, use IFTTT to activate Away Mode via geofencing whenever you or the last member of the household leave.

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Voice Control 

Wiser works with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant to make your life easier.  If your phone is out of reach just ask the assistant to make your changes.

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IFTTT compatibility

The clever features of your Wiser Heat app can be enhanced further via IFTTT integration. The IFTTT platform can link your Wiser system with other apps allowing you to set up ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. For example, you can integrate Wiser with an app such as Life 360 to set up a command that says, “When the last family member leaves the house activate Away Mode".

Access and make use of the Wiser Applets or create your own recipes by linking Wiser to your other apps – the opportunities are endless. Read our FAQs for more information.