Your new best friend

Always at your side, always available when you need it. Meet the Wiser app, your new best friend. Wiser enables you to save money and maximise comfort by changing your heating and hot water from anywhere.

Easier with Wiser

Controlling your home heating couldn’t be easier with the Wiser app. Put it in your pocket and stay in control wherever you are, whenever you like.


Getting chilly? Two clicks and you can boost your temperature for a selected time.

Heat Report

Feeling curious? See exactly what your system's up to, anytime, anywhere.

The Smart Modes

Want to save money? The Smart Modes are designed to maximise efficiency.

Schedule changes

Plans changed? Tweak the schedule from anywhere in the world.

Multi-zone control

Last minute guests? Heat the spare room up before you get home. Learn more

The Wiser Heat Report

Wiser collects temperature data from each zone of your system along with the outdoor temperature, enabling you to see exactly how your system's performing day-to-day, week-to-week, even month-to-month.

  • View and compare room temperatures and setpoints across all zones.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Fresh data on a daily basis
  • Always on hand in the Account menu

With the Heat Report at your fingertips it's never been easier to tailor your Wiser schedules to your home and lifestyle, view your Heat Report today in your Account menu.

The Smart Modes

Configure and activate the Smart Modes via the Settings menu to start saving money today. Unexpected trip away? Activate Away Mode straight from the Home screen from anywhere in the world.

Eco Mode

This mode learns about your home's thermal properties and how long it takes to react to temperature changes.

By combining this with weather data Wiser finds the most economical way to run your system, so you'll never waste energy and money over-heating the home.

Comfort Mode

Using a clever algorithm, Wiser turns the heating on at the appropriate time to ensure set temperatures are reached by the time scheduled.

Activate both Comfort and Eco Mode and Wiser turns on the heating at the right time to keep you comfortable and turns it off at a suitable time to conserve energy.

Away Mode

Going out or away? Save money and energy by instantly reducing setpoints throughout the home in Away Mode.

For added convenience, use IFTTT to activate Away Mode via geofencing whenever the last member of the household leaves.

Open Window Detection

Prevent energy wastage if a window is opened while the heating's on

This clever mode switches the heating in that room off if a draught from an open window is detected, preventing energy wastage in its tracks.

Enable this feature for each room in the Room Details of the Settings menu and tap the toggle.

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