How Wiser works

It’s simple to build a total heating ecosystem that takes care of you now - and puts you in step with a more sustainable future.

Adaptable, and user-friendly; we make it easy to get smarter with your home and even smarter with your energy use. 

We believe understanding your energy use and managing it should be simple. Meet Wiser, the smart home family of products that cares for your home and the planet.


Easy to start. Easy to grow

With Wiser products, you’ve got better heating in your hands. All over the house. Whether underfloor heating is electric or water-based. A combi boiler or a conventional one. Radiators or towel rails, it doesn’t stop there. You can even turn the lamps off in the lounge from the comfort of your bedroom. Everything works in harmony. All controlled by your Wiser Home app.

Every home is different through, so we want to make it easy to find the best Wiser kit for your home. All it takes is a minute to complete our product selector tool and you can say hello to a smarter, more sustainable home.

1. Start with your Smart Room Thermostat

With the Wiser Smart Room Thermostat, you have the power to change your heating from anywhere in the world. This wireless powerhouse connects via your smartphone and the Wiser Home app. Ready to add a product? Then...


2. Grow your smart heating system

Add a Smart Radiator Thermostat and you've got the radiators sorted. Get connected with a Wiser Plug and transform your electrical appliances (and even give the radio frequency signal (RF) a boost). Install the Underfloor Heating Controller to manage zones of underfloor heating, add an Electrical Heat Switch to control electric radiators: it all works from one system. Read more about smart heating systems.

3. Say hello to smart tech

Whether you’re more ‘Alexa: turn off the Kitchen lights’. Or ‘Hey Google, make the lounge 21 degrees’, Wiser works with voice assistants as well as IFTTT. Take a tour around the Wiser Home App and see what's at your fingertips.

4. Happy smart homes, happier home budgets, happier planet

With Wiser you’re always in control of your energy. You can take the pulse of your home whenever suits you, home or away. Helping you to save pennies while you save precious kilowatts.



Which kit is right for you?

Use our product selector tool to find the perfect Wiser kit for your home.

Ready to get started?

Use our product selector quiz to select the perfect Wiser kit for your home and get your Wiser system started.