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We understand your home is your sanctuary, so you want smart heating you can trust. Read testimonials from our customers and see how they're benefitting from Wiser smart thermostat systems.

See how the growing Nardini family benefitted from Wiser smart heating as part of an extensive home renovation or read their success story.


How Wiser Helps Simon Harness Multi-room Heating Control

Read Simon's customer story to find out how a smart thermostat system from Wiser saved him money with superior heating control and feedback on energy use, helping him gain multi-room heating control across a 5-bedroom semi-detached property annd tailor its schedules for better comfort, efficiency and convenience via the app.

"Absolutely wonderful in terms of something I feel I bought and has actually delivered what it said it would.”

- Simon, Wiser customer

Coalbrookdale Community Centre

Coalbrookdale Community Centre hosts a variety of activities for all age groups with different schedules every day. It was important to find a way to control the buildings temperture and comfort based on its usage. Wiser was the perfect solution giving the ability to control the heating schedules in every room, from anywhere in the world via the Wiser Home app and customising schedules to ensure all regular bookings have accurate room temperatures set and the heating isn’t on continually.

“We’re actively seeing a reduction in our gas usage based on this management and this will help to ensure the centre can continue to operate during the cost of living crisis."

- James Perry, Coalbrookdale Community Centre

Tim and Caroline upgrade both their home and lifestyle with Wiser

After moving to be closer to family, Tim, Caroline and Reg the Border Collie found their little slice of heaven in Devon, but with under-sized boilers and radiators it was soon clear their 90s-built home would benefit from some efficiency-boosting upgrades. Find out how the couple embraced smarter heating and how Wiser enables a more relaxed, lower cost lifestyle.

"We're looking to have saved about 1000kWH a year we think compared to before we had the system."

- Tim Price, Wiser customer

Buckland Chapel Trust

We were delighted to donate a number of smart radiator thermostats and a smart plug recently to the Trust's existing Wiser system, enhancing their smart heating control and energy efficiency in this community hub, which provides a food bank service to vulnerable residents during the week. Learn more about the benefits of smart heating for building custodians for improved convenience, efficiency, cost management and user comfort.

"It's very simple to schedule, very simple to control, with the obvious benefit that you're in control and saving money"

- Roger Mabey, Trustee, Buckland Chapel Trust

University Hospitals Birmingham Charity

For University Hospitals Birmingham Charity (UHBC), installing Wiser smart heating in hospital patient and family accommodation significantly reduced both their heating costs and time spent visiting sites to manually adjust heating when occupants arrive and depart.

"Now with support from Drayton and its Wiser system, we can save both time and money managing the heating systems in our property portfolio, allowing us to focus even harder on the most important task, providing excellent care to families and patients that need it most.”

- Tom Joyce, Operations Manager, UHBC

The Russell Family

Wiser customer Lynne Russell's energy consumption dropped a staggering 30% from 944kWh the previous year to just 659kWh for the same period, a full year since installation.

“I wasn’t sure whether this would benefit us at first but I am so glad we converted, as it’s so simple to use and extremely versatile."

- Lynne Russell



Renovating Number 88

Jess and Brad added Wiser to their 1930s renovation project having already rewired electrics, upgraded the plumbing and redecorated, future-proofing their family home to ensure total comfort and efficiency.

“The Wiser system definitely makes life that bit easier and as a busy mum to two young children and a puppy, that’s a winner for me!"

- Jess



The Renovation Sisters

DIY-loving sisters from Basingstoke took their ex-council home back to bare bones, learning skills and reducing costs. Wiser's efficient multi-room control is the perfect partner for these innovative homeowners and their renovation.

“One of the key benefits for us is that we can fully control the heating from the app, and that we can also change the temperature through our Echo Show with voice control."

- Alex



Becki's Shropshire renovation

Becki, a Wiser customer, wanted better heating control in her new build in Shifnal, Shropshire. Smart thermostats by Wiser provide the convenience and efficiency she was looking for to help her enjoy better comfort and efficiency.

"The whole system has helped put my mind at rest when it comes to rising heating bills, I now have much more insight into how much energy I am using each month and hopefully this helps me save money over time."

- Becki



Industry and Customer Reviews

Join the thousands of households benefitting from Wiser. Save energy, save money, and enjoy total control of your home heating.

"Simplicity is the name of the game ... If you want multi-room heating on a reasonable budget, there’s nothing that comes close."

"This looks great! Finally an affordable smart heating system that can put me in control of every single room. It seems easy to install too!"

"We've been impressed with it...The Wiser heating system does exactly what it promises: it’s easy to install and easy to use."

"It's a real winner and has definitely helped to save energy & reduce bills.It's very robust, well designed product & the technical support truly is first rate. Due to my job, I deal with a lot of tech support teams and Drayton do a first class job."

“Since buying this we have much better control of when heating comes on and where, I can't remember the last time I had to go alter the thermostat or a radiator.”

"Great system. Extremely easy to install, easy to add new TRVs, excellent app with great control features and learning mode. I would unreservedly recommend this. I have tried another system previously that was really poor compared to this."

Awards & Recognition

Since launch Wiser has impressed the judges of numerous prestigious awards bodies, with recognition from top organisations representing professional heating installers, home renovation specialists, parenting and care bodies and technology design experts.