The Smart Radiator Thermostat

The Smart Radiator Thermostat that pops on your radiator and saves you up to 19% in energy usage*. Another great way to personalise your home heating with your Wiser system and take better care of the planet.

Make your radiators smarter

Looks good. Does good. The Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat is a small-but-mighty addition to your home heating. Built with multiple sensors for pinpoint accuracy, you'll enjoy seamless room-to-room heating control straight from the app. Or with a little help from Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Icon of a home heating up

Individual room control

icon of a radiator in green

Easy to install – fits on most existing radiator valves

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Control from anywhere with your Wiser Home app

Smart TRV Icon

Award-winning twist top boost with spring back

Green icon of a thermometer changing temperature

Multiple sensors for optimum temperature accuracy

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Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Smart Radiator Thermostats with our recommendations for installation.

Our set-up advice

Smart heating goes multi-room

Our radiator thermostat works seamlessly with most existing thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) in your home. So, it’s easy to upgrade to Wiser and start managing your energy use in every room. You'll be taking care of your pennies in no time.

  • Iconic design
  • Simply mount onto existing radiator valves
  • Ring nut and adaptors included
  • Fuss-free battery operated – no wires
  • Add up to 63 devices per system

Need a boost? Add a smart plug

Made for large homes and thicker walls that can interfere with radio frequency (RF) signals, give your Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats a boost with a smart plug. Its built-in signal range extender amplifies signal to all Wiser devices. Made for homes that need a little extra help.

As well as enjoying uninterrupted signal strength between your devices, you can also control and schedule any electrical devices connected to the plug. Sync up with your Wiser Home app and manage alongside the rest of your smart heating controls.

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  • Extended 3-year warranty
  • 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee
  • Free delivery & returns

Our Multi-zone Kits and Products

Whether you want control over one radiator, or a whole home's worth - let's find the right Wiser product for you. The kits below include a HubR, Smart Room Thermostat and two Smart Radiator Thermostats, which one, just depends on which type of boiler you have.

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Wiser Multi-zone Kit 1

When you've got a combi boiler in your home with no separate hot water control.

  • One single-channel HubR
  • One Room Thermostat
  • Two Radiator Thermostats
RRP £219.99
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Wiser Multi-zone Kit 2

The multizoning kit for homes with a conventional boiler with one heating zone and separate hot water control.

  • One two-channel HubR
  • One Room Thermostat
  • Two Radiator Thermostats
RRP £229.99
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Extra Smart Radiator Thermostat

For only £44.99 per radiator (RRP), you can take care of every radiator in your home and benefit from multi-room control with your Wiser system.

  • One radiator thermostat
  • Valve adapters and ring nuts
  • Simple install (fits onto most existing valve bodies)
  • Batteries included
RRP £44.99
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Save with our new multipacks

You've got the system. You've got the radiators. Now there's a simpler way to achieve full multi-room control. The Smart Radiator Thermostat Multipack comes with three radiator thermostats and saves you money, available exclusively on Amazon now.

Turn your Radiator Thermostat into a smart world

When it comes to Wiser, even the smallest products can have the biggest impact. Like our Smart Radiator Thermostats. They work with the entire Wiser product range, so you can build yourself a whole Wiser heating system to suit your lifestyle. 

* BEAMA, 2021