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Energy-hungry home? Wiser is the smart home system that makes it simple to manage your energy use, lower your bills and prepare your home for a more sustainable future.

Save over 30% energy and up to £450* a year with Wiser

Smarter controls save energy

Research shows upgrading basic Class I heating controls to a best practice thermostat saves 12%* energy alone, and 6%* more with a smart, internet-connected thermostat like Wiser thanks to its better control.

Smarter rooms save 19% energy

Add independent room-to-room control with Radiator Thermostats, maximising energy savings and optimising comfort to save 19%* more energy by only heating the rooms you're using.

Smart Modes save even more

Smart heating controls have far superior energy saving features than traditional controls. Away Mode and Eco Mode can save an extra 14% and 2% energy respectively and both can be enabled via the app.

How To Save Energy With Smart Heating By Wiser

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Use Insights and the Heat Report, available to every Wiser Home app user to better understand your smart heating system's performance room-to-room, track your usage and save money every month.



Wiser's even more advanced Insights+ service, available for a one-off purchase of £14.99, connects with your smart meter to give you greater power to predict heating use and spend, set usage budgets and get personalised tips to save energy.

Reducing your carbon footprint? View your heating use in kWH, ££'s and CO2 emissions. Find out how to unlock the Insights+ features with an eligible smart meter.

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Real-time breakdowns of energy use

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Heating use predictions

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Spend tracking and predictions

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Personalised tips to save energy

Save energy and money with the Wiser smart heating system

Set budgets and get notifications when approaching limits

Proven energy savings in 4 easy ways

Save 19% energy with Wiser Radiator Thermostats

Wiser Radiator Thermostats are smart TRV’s that let you set different heating schedules in each room. Fresh research into TRV’s conducted by BEAMA in 2021 shows the installation of TRV's accompanied by practical advice on how to use them could yield significant energy savings of up to 19% across a UK heating season.

Save 14% more energy with Away Mode 

This Wiser Smart Mode provides a simple way to maintain a lower temperature in your whole house while you’re away from home. A scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics suggests that the use of Away Mode with IFTTT (presence detection) can save up to 14% on your energy bills.

Eco Mode could save 2% more energy

Eco Mode learns how well your home retains heat and manages your heating accordingly. Schneider Electric conducted field studies in UK homes which showed that Eco Mode can save an average of 2% per household when used correctly.

Save 7% more energy with Insights+

More data, better visibility, budget-setting and personalised tips mean Insights+ empowers you to save around 7% more energy a year, on top of other Wiser energy-saving features. To unlock Insights+, simply complete the eligibility check and make the small one-off purchase to start today.

*BEAMA & Salford Univeristy Research 2021

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Wiser customers see proven energy savings

The Nardini Family

"We had Wiser fitted just before the start of winter and our energy consumption dropped considerably, saving about 15-20% on our gas bill."

- Marc Nardini

"Easy to install and set up, had it fitted 2 weeks now... geofencing for Away Mode and it works brilliantly turning the heating off when away from home etc. According to the app I've so far saved around 22% energy usage" - Wiser customer via Amazon

"Fantastic money saving tools!" - Wiser customer via Amazon

"So simple to swap out with original and once set up fantastic to use. We have it set at 16 then just boost it now and again saving a lot of money on heating now." - Wiser customer via Amazon

"The system is great value for money and it saves energy by enabling you to have full control, no unnecessary heating of rooms." - Wiser customer via Amazon

"Whenever there has been any need for support, trivial matters the support team were straight onto it, even during a weekend. Has saved ALOT of energy! Fitted to a 40 year old oil boiler." - Wiser customer via Amazon


"The system is great value for money and it saves energy by enabling you to have full control, no unnecessary heating of rooms."

I set Wiser up with IFTTT as well so I can have the system go into 'Away Mode' when me and my wife leave the house."

"Fitted Wiser for my pensioner parents. Works very well and has dramatically cut their gas use by having the ability to control heating of all areas in the house independently."

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