Introducing Insights+, helping you save energy, money, and the planet

Do you really know how much energy it takes to heat your home? Now you can with Insights+ on the Wiser Home app.

Introducing Insights+, the intelligent energy dashboard designed to save you energy & money from your smart thermostats and heat control app. 


It’s your data. Make the most of it.

One of the best ways to control your heating, reduce waste, and do more with your energy is to understand how we use it. Our thermostat app is the first smart heating system designed to connect directly to your smart meter. The Insights+ feature gives you real-time breakdowns of your energy spend, from room-to-room in your Multi-room Heating System.  

No hidden fees. No subscriptions. Just £19.99 for an in-home display (IHD) to connect your smart meter to the Wiser Home app. Interested? Start by doing a simple eligibility check in-app. 

Insights+ in action

By connecting to your smart meter, day-by-day Insights+ builds a detailed picture of how you use your multi-zone heating. So, you can enjoy more essential tips and personalised advice on where your heating controls can save energy. It can even forecast future energy usage and spend, so you can reduce bills and do your bit to lower your carbon footprint. 

Plan ahead and stay on budget

Insights+ expands on our Heat Report Features to enable you to set budgets and control spending. There are notifications to tell you when you’re reaching your budget, if you’re going over, and advice on where to cut back to help you stick to a spending plan. It’s so precise, you can pinpoint your total monthly spend to the penny. 

See how much your energy costs

Do you know how much a kilowatt is worth? Or even how many you use? A quick toggle and you’ll see your energy use as a cost to you and the planet. Insights+ displays your energy use in kWh’s, £’s, CO2, and even trees. Take care of spending, energy use, and your carbon footprint. 

Easy to set-up, and even easier to use

We’ve made it easy for you to start saving money. The Wiser Home app shows you how to access and install Insights+, screen by screen and step-by-step, with tutorials on how to get the most out of it when you’re done. 

Check your eligibility

Got a smart meter? Already have Wiser Room Thermostats? Go to the Settings menu of your Wiser Home app for the  Insights+ upgrade. There’s a quick in-app eligibility check to complete,  it only takes minutes. 

One-off cost

To access Insights+, you need to sync your smart meter to your Wiser Home  App with this in-home display. It costs just £19.99 and gives you unlimited access. 

Start tracking

When your in-home display unit is delivered, follow the instructions included in the box and Insights+ will get to work straight away. Tip: it takes about a month to build a proper picture of your heating controls.

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