Energy hungry home? You need Wiser

Wiser is the award-winning Smart Heating Controls system that makes it simple to manage your energy use, lower your bills and prepare your home for a more sustainable future.

Better heating control, in your hands

Our award-winning thermostat combines smart features with an easy-to-use Wiser Home App to bring you a complete home heating solution. From keeping everyone warm when you're home, to controlling everything else when you're not, Wiser's Smart Heating Controls seamlessly smarten your home heating and provide long-term savings on your energy bills.

Wiser offers complete room-by-room control from our app or your favourite smart home voice assistant devices like Alexa or Google Assistant.

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The Wiser home

With a full range of products available as part of the Wiser smart home system, you can tailor your energy use room-by-room. Simple and efficient heating to suit your lifestyle.

Wiser Hub

Wiser HubR

The HubR is the brains of the operation and connects to the boiler. There is a HubR included in every thermostat kit.

Wiser Room Thermostat

Room Thermostat

Provides central smart control or can be added to zones for a visual temperature display.

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Smart Home Integration

Wiser works via voice activation and integrates with IFTTT to provide enhanced smart capabilities.

  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Works with Alexa
  • Works with IFTTT

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Wiser Radiator Thermostat

Radiator Thermostat

Set independent time and temperature schedules in each room and save up to 19% on energy bills.

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Wiser Home app

App Control

The Wiser Home app allows you to control your heating from anywhere in the world and access a host of smart features to save money and enhance convenience.

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Electrical Heating Switch

Electrical Heat Switch

Control single zones of electric underfloor heating with the new Electrical Heat Switch.

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The Wiser Cloud

The Wiser Cloud offers enhanced security and stability.

Electrical Heat Switch

Electrical Heat Switch

Control electric towel rails, radiators and more with the new Electrical Heat Switch.

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Underfloor heading controller

Underfloor Heating Controller

Now you can control water based underfloor heating using the Wiser Underfloor Heating Controller. Control up to 16 zones around your home.

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Wiser Smart Plug

Smart Plug

Control electrical appliances and boost signal strength with the handy Smart Plug.

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Wiser is compatible with a range of air-water heat pumps.

Which kit is right for you?

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Wiser product range

Start with one of our kits and build to create a full room-by-room smart heating controls system over time adding Smart Radiator Thermostats. Plus, expand your smart home with individual products like our Wiser Plug, Underfloor Heating Controller or Electrical Heat Switch for even more control of your energy use. All in one system, all managed via one app.

Smart Heating Control Kits

Designed to work with combi or conventional boilers and heat pumps. With a smart room thermostat as standard with all kits, our smart heating kits are the first step in building your Wiser system.

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Smart Radiator Thermostat

Connected directly to your boiler, our smart radiator thermostats enable you to control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms of your home. Purchase individually as an add-on to any of our core kits.

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Wiser Plug

Our smart plug works with your Wiser Smart Heating Controls system and boosts the RF signal across your home. Monitor, control and set schedules for your electrical devices, all from the Wiser Home App.

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A Wiser home is a smarter home

Easy to install from app to thermostat, Wiser's smart heating controls system is an altogether better, smarter and easier way to personalise home heating and control your enery use. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control from anywhere, at any time.

Save up to 30%* a year on your energy bills

With Wiser's system, you can monitor your energy use with Insights and Heat Report. By adding Wiser Insights+ you can connect Wiser to your smart meter to predict energy costs and set your budgets. With smart features such as Away Mode and Eco Mode, you have the power to save up to 30%* on your annual bill.

*Smart thermostat system percentage savings based on BEAMA and Salford university research statistics 2021. Savings are a guideline and will vary based on your home's thermal performance.

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