Smart Home 

Wiser integrates with smart home products and apps to enhance functionality and convenience. In a few simple steps you can link Wiser to some of the leading smart platforms and benefit from voice control and IFTTT integration.

“Alexa, set the living room to 20 degrees”

Wiser works with Amazon Alexa to bring you the ultimate in convenience. By simply asking Alexa you can control every room in your house.

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"OK Google, turn on the hot water"

To take your system to the next level of hands-free convenience, simply ask the Google Assistant to make the adjustments for you.

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Activate geofencing via IFTTT

The clever features of your Wiser system can be enhanced further via IFTTT integration. The IFTTT platform can link your Wiser system with other apps allowing you to set up ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. For example, you can integrate Wiser with an app such as Life 360 to set up a command that says, “When the last family member leaves the house activate Away Mode.

Access and make use of the Wiser Applets or create your own recipes by linking Wiser to your other apps – the opportunities are endless. Read our FAQs for more information.


Configure your system in 3 steps

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