Wiser Insights and Heat Report

Insights help you to make wiser decisions when it comes to controlling your home heating. The Heat Report lets you see exactly what your system is up to – anytime, anywhere.


The Insights page gives you multiple features in a single place. Insights helps you to develop a greater understanding about your heating system and save more energy. To access this feature simply tap the Insights icon at the bottom right of your Wiser Home app Home screen.

The word 'ECO' in green font

Turn on Eco Mode and Away Mode to discover how much more energy you can save per month

Heating flame icon

See how many times you've turned the heating up or down, and learn how external factors affect your home's energy efficiency

See how the weather affects your heating from your phone

Track your hourly activity and see external weather updates with a tap of the app

heat report icon

Easy access to the Heat Report for a detailed view of how your heating system is performing

Heat Report

The Heat Report gives you the reassurance that your system is doing exactly what you ask it to. View and compare temperatures across single or multiple rooms.

icon of a radiator in green

Track room temperatures, setpoints and outdoor temperatures

Icon of a bedroom

View and compare up to 16 rooms

Icon for a person using a touchscreen on a smartphone

Data available in the app at any point

Heating schedule icon

View by day, week or month

icon for a clock

Updated daily - start seeing your Heat Report data 24 hours after initial set-up

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Have questions on your heat report and insights?

Head over to our support pages for FAQs and support on where to find in the Wiser Home app, details on the different reports you can access and what this means for you. 

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