Wiser Insights and Heat Report

Insights help you to make wiser decisions when it comes to controlling your home heating. The Heat Report lets you see exactly what your system is up to – anytime, anywhere.


The Insights page gives you multiple features in a single place. Insights helps you to develop a greater understanding about your heating system and save more energy. To access this feature simply tap the Insights icon at the bottom right of your Wiser Home app Home screen.

The word 'ECO' in green font

Turn on Eco Mode and Away Mode to discover how much more energy you can save per month

Heating flame icon

See how many times you've turned the heating up or down, and learn how external factors affect your home's energy efficiency

See how the weather affects your heating from your phone

Track your hourly activity and see external weather updates with a tap of the app

heat report icon

Easy access to the Heat Report for a detailed view of how your heating system is performing

Heat Report

The Heat Report gives you the reassurance that your system is doing exactly what you ask it to. View and compare temperatures across single or multiple rooms.

icon of a radiator in green

Track room temperatures, setpoints and outdoor temperatures

Icon of a bedroom

View and compare up to 16 rooms

Icon for a person using a touchscreen on a smartphone

Data available in the app at any point

Heating schedule icon

View by day, week or month

icon for a clock

Updated daily - start seeing your Heat Report data 24 hours after initial set-up

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Go to account settings and then “My Home” – you can input your latest address details in here

There may be an issue finding your home address on our system. Don’t worry this should be easily solvable. If you contact our customer service team, they will be able to pull the outside weather data from a nearby location for you.

The energy saved percentage tile is a fun way to discover how much energy you are saving when you use some of Wiser’s smart features, Eco mode and Away mode. The number shows you approximately how much more energy we believe you would have used on heating this month if the smart features had not been turned on. It is calculated using the below equation. These numbers are only an estimation of energy savings using smart modes and do not reflect the price of your overall energy bills.

Heating time saved ÷ active heating time without smart features x 100


When in the Heat Report, at the top of the screen you will see tabs which allow you to switch between each view.

Don’t worry – you are already saving energy just by having Wiser installed. The 0% saved means that for some reason, your smart features (Eco Mode and Away Mode) were not able to save any extra energy just yet.

There are a few reasons why this could be:
•You have not enabled Eco Mode. To enable, please go to settings. Eco Mode does not activate for a room in Manual Mode. Ensure this enabled to save as much energy as possible –
learn more about Eco mode and how to activate here.

•The energy saving resets at the beginning of every month, so if it’s early in the month your features may not have had enough time to activate, be patient!
•It could be because it is warm outside and your heating would not have come on at all, so there is nothing to save!
•You are not using away mode, the more you use it, the more you will save
•And finally, always ensure your home address is correct in order to get the correct outdoor temperature for savings calculations


The Heat report has now moved to the Insights tile on the home screen of the Wiser app. To view your Heat report click the Insights tile at the top right of your home screen and scroll down to find the Heat Report link at the bottom of the app page.

This could be for a variety of reasons that should be easily solvable. If you are experiencing issues with your Heat report please contact customer services.

Wiser records temperature data on a continual basis and makes it available in the Heat Report the following day. You will be able to see data once your system has been up and running for 24 hours. Make sure your Wiser app is updated to the latest version in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Your Heat Report can be found in your Account menu, just tap the icon in the top right corner of the Home screen.

Your Heat Report is available at any point via the app and the data is updated every 24 hours.

Data is only visible in the Wiser Heat App when signed in with your own account credentials.

You can see the temperature for every room in which you have one of our smart radiator thermostats. You can select which rooms you view in the Heat Report by switching to a multiple rooms view and ticking/unticking the rooms you wish to view.

The shaded areas represent the night time periods before sunrise and after sunset.

The outdoor temperature is sourced from World Weather Online. The data is specific to your local area and is based on the address you used to register your Wiser account. If you need to change the address, please contact our technical support helpline on 0333 6000 622 and this can be amended for you.

If this happens, it's likely to be because we can’t locate your address on the map to pull the correct weather data. It may be because your address was entered incorrectly when you registered your Wiser account. Please call customer services on 0333 6000 622, they can update it for you.

You can view up to 16 rooms/zones in the Heat Report at once.

You can only view multiple rooms if you have one or more of our smart radiator thermostats providing multi-zone heating control. If you have a thermostat-only system you will only see the single room view.

Tap on the arrow in the grey bar at the bottom of the Heat Report marked ‘Rooms’. This will open up the full list of rooms. Tap to tick/untick the rooms you wish to view, then tap the arrow again to close the Rooms menu.

Any new rooms you add will appear after 24 hours when the Heat Report automatially refreshes the data.

If you are moving we recommend that you perform a factory reset on the Heat Hub which will wipe your temperature data. When the new tenants then set up Wiser as if from new they will not see any of your past data from before the factory reset.

In single room view you can see the room’s temperature, the setpoints, and the outdoor temperature.  In multiple room view you will just see the room temperatures and the outside temperature because it’s not possible to show each room’s setpoint on the one graph – to view each room's setpoint line this you will need to view each room separately in single room view.

The setpoint line is not just your basic schedule, it also shows when you boost, change the temperature manually, and adjusts when you activate Comfort Mode and Eco Mode. All of your actions to the system are plotted as one black setpoint line.

Yes, we will be continuing to expand the elements of the Heat Report in the future.

The red triangle shows when there is gap in your temperature data. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean your system wasn’t working during this time, it could be for a number of reasons such as a temporary loss of connection or flat batteries. Short gaps in data are normal and frequent, so don’t worry too much about them unless they last for more than few hours, in which case please let us know.

This was due to a small bug that has now been fixed. Ensure you are on the latest version of the app and then your system will work normally and you’ll have no trouble accessing Insights.

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