Underfloor Heating Controller

Complete control. Completely connected. Our Underfloor Heating Controller gives you total flexibility when it comes to the mixed heating systems in your home. From the wet underfloor heating in your extension to the electrical underfloor heating in your bathroom to the radiators all over the house. It’s all controlled through The Wiser System.

Smart Underfloor Heating is Yours

The Wiser UFH Controller is for anyone who wants to get smarter with their home energy, reduce their heating bills, and be kinder to the planet.

If you already have underfloor heating, then this controller enables you to integrate it into a Wiser system.

We’ve already improved household energy efficiency through Multi-Zone Heating with Smart Room and Radiator Thermostats. Now, you can control your wet underfloor heating as well as your smart radiators, all from the Wiser Home App.

Because it’s designed to work as part of a smart home system, you can now control your heating in numerous ways. Use IFTTT with your Smart Thermostats or control underfloor heating with our app, the choice is yours. 

Independent scheduling for every zone also enables you to manage your energy consumption across the whole house. You can also discover How Our Room-to-Room Heating Works Here.

Green icon of a thermometer changing temperature

Heating & cooling functionality

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Control up to 6 zones of wet underfloor heating

Icon for a home with WiFi

If Wi-Fi goes down, your heating won’t

Green icon of a person using voice commands

Simple control via the Wiser Home app, the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

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Monitors your energy usage via Insights and the Heat Report

Complete home heating, from your Wiser Home app

The Wiser Home app makes it simple to monitor your household energy usage. Use it and control 16 zones in your home, set temperatures as well as heat schedules, and remotely activate your wet underfloor heating and radiators. It’s where you’ll be able to access Smart Modes, moments, boost, eco and away modes. There are no wires. No fuss. It can even be set up and used when the Wi-Fi's patchy, too.

How your Underfloor Heating Controller works

The UFH Controller is designed for easy integration with existing smart radiator heating systems. If your home already has underfloor heating, a professional installer will simply swap out the existing controller for this one. And it’s small enough to go where your current device is, so there’s no need to look for a new place to put it.You’ll have all your heating controlled by one app. The Underfloor Heating Controller fits nicely into your smart and sustainable home.

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Turn your UFH Controller into a smart world

When it comes to Wiser, you've got smart control of your underfloor heating, all over the house. Our entire ecosystem of products, which also includes Smart Plugs, connects in harmony. It doesn't matter what you start with, you can add the products you need as your lifestyle and home evolves. It’s easy to manage, easy to grow. Build your Wiser heating system today for a greener, cost-effective future.