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It's easy to find a Wiser Approved installer in your area. Our team of independent, qualified professionals are available to provide a speedy, hassle-free installation. 

Why choose Wiser Approved?

We have a fully trained network of installers to help you get Wiser installed professionally and efficiently in your home. 

Choose a fully trained professional with expert knowledge on Wiser to ensure correct installation.

Get an extended 5-year warranty on your Wiser, simply ask your installer for details.

Save time and feel confident your system is installed correctly and ready to go. 

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If you'd like an expert installation, use your postcode to search for a Wiser Approved installer in your area. 

Are you an installer?

If you're an installer and would like to become Wiser Approved, you can find out how below. 

Wiser Approved

You can become one of our Wiser Approved installers by booking on to our Wiser Tour which will be at venues around the UK, we've also launched an online academy where you can become Wiser Approved from the comfort of your own home.

“Just completed a Drayton Wiser training morning. I’d highly recommend Wiser heating controls ”– CSO Heating LTD @CsoLtd