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Wiser takes your heating controls to the next level of smart. Make the most out of your energy usage by automating your heating system using these clever Smart Modes.

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Configure and activate Smart Modes via the Settings menu in the Wiser Heat app to start saving money today. Unexpected trip away? Activate Away Mode straight from the home screen from anywhere in the world.

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Eco Mode

This mode learns about your home's thermal properties and how long it takes to react to temperature changes, and turn the boiler off sooner to save energy. By adding smart TRVs to gain room-by-room heating control, the effect of this is magnified to achieve even greater savings.


By combining Eco Mode with Insights data, Wiser works out the most economical way to run your smart heating system, so you'll never waste energy and money by over-heating your home. Eco Mode alone helped UK households save 7% more energy on average, in a study by Schneider Electric.

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Comfort Mode

By learning how long it takes your home to warm up and using a sophisticated algorithm, Wiser turns the boiler on at the optimum time to ensure your home reaches the set temperatures right on schedule.


By activating both Comfort and Eco Mode, Wiser turns your boiler on and off at the very best times to maximise both comfort and efficiency; by turning it slightly earlier than the scheduled ‘ON’ time to heat the house to your setpoint by the start of the next schedule (particularly useful in a building that takes longer to warm up), and turn it off before the start of the next scheduled time to save energy. The better insulated your home is, the more effective this will be.

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Away Mode

Going out or planning time away? Save money and energy by instantly reducing setpoints throughout the home with Away Mode.


For added convenience, use IFTTT to activate Away Mode via geofencing whenever the last member of the household leaves. This could save you 24% more energy, according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. Read more about improving energy efficiency here.

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Open Window Detection

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Prevent energy wastage if a window is opened while the heating's on

This clever mode switches off the heating in that room if a draught from an open window is detected, significantly reducing energy wastage thanks to your your smart thermostats.


Enable this feature on your Multi-Zone System by going to the Room Details sections of your Settings menu tapping the Open Window Detection toggle.

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