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Wiser Explains: Control Smart Heating with the App

The Wiser Heat app is the smart thermostat app that’s always by your side, helping you maximise heating efficiency and reduce energy bills, without compromising on comfort. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your heating and hot water settings anytime, anywhere, and gaining valuable Insights into your smart heating system. Perhaps the best part about it? We’re always adding new features, so here’s our brief guide to everything the Wiser app offers.


The Controls

The comprehensive control options you get with the Wiser app include the following:


  • Boost Option – With just a few clicks you can increase temperatures for a selected time
  • Schedule – Tweak schedules whenever you want to better suit your day-to-day life
  • Multi-zone control – Heat up spare rooms for last-minute guests
  • The Smart Modes:
  1. Comfort Mode – Ensures your set temperatures are reached on time
  2. Away Mode – Guarantees you don’t waste a penny when you’re away from home
  3. Eco Mode – Enhances Comfort Mode to react to your home’s thermal properties


The Heat Report

Our app’s newest feature, the Wiser Heat Report provides data from each zone of your smart heating system and presents it in an easy-to-read display. Over days, weeks, or even months, you can see exactly how your system’s performing and compare up to 16 rooms at once. With this data always on hand, it’s now easier than ever to check that your smart heating system is heating your home as you’d like it to, and identify areas where energy and money could be saved.



With IFTTT, you can link your smart thermostats and heating system with other apps on your phone outside of the Wiser app. For instance, you can set up commands based on ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’ with apps such as Life 360. In addition, the Wiser app can be linked to voice-activated devices including Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant for added convenience.


Open Window Detection

This innovative feature allows your smart heating system to detect a drop in temperature caused by an open window. Subsequently, the heating in that room will then be switched off to prevent energy wastage. Find this feature in the Room Details section of the Settings menu in the Wiser app.


The Overall Benefits to your Smart Heating

Essentially, the Wiser app gives you ultimate control. More control saves your home energy and most importantly saves you money. The extensive set of features our smart thermostat app offers via your smartphone in the palm of your hand is the key to helping you maximise your home energy efficiency.

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