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10 Ways to Save Energy & Reduce Bills Right Now

The rising cost of living as well as the current Energy Price Crisis putting pressure on households up and down the country. So, now more than ever, we need to make our homes energy efficient. Here are Wiser's 10 ways to save money and start reducing your energy bills right now.


1. Turn off standby

Let’s start with one of the easiest money-saving tips out there. Turning devices off at the plug when not in use can save your household an average of £30 a year. It can also be an extremely effective way of reducing the energy usage of your larger appliances.

2. Schedule with smart plugs

An easy way to always avoid the standby drain is to Install Smart Plugs. These devices can save you energy as they allow you to schedule appliances so they can be switched off at times they will not be in use. This is another simple yet highly effective way to manage your appliances and reduce your bills starting today.

3. Use your devices more efficiently

When your appliances are in use, find the most energy-efficient way that they can operate. Many smart devices and appliances will have an Eco Mode, for instance, which can save a significant amount of energy. For example, only filling the kettle with the water you need, using the microwave over an oven for small portions, or reducing your use of the dishwasher or washing machine can all help to lower your bills.

4. Replace light bulbs

Switching to LED light bulbs is a necessity for any eco-friendly home. Over their lifetime, LED light bulbs can save you around £180 compared to their traditional counterparts.

5. Reduce hot water

Hot water has a year-round impact on your energy usage. So anything you can to reduce the amount of hot water you use will save energy, from taking slightly shorter showers to washing clothes at lower temperatures, which can save you money in the long run. Discover how to Lower Your Water Use Here.

6. Install smart heating

Smart Thermostats allow you to control your home’s heating system more efficiently. Features such as scheduling, Multi-Zone Heating as well as App Control let users heat their home only when and where it’s needed. And Wiser’s Smart Heating can save users up to £450 a Year on Energy Bills.


Find A Local Installer Here to get started.

7. Check Insights

If you already have smart heating, it’s a good idea to optimise your system as much as possible. Wiser guides you on how to do this with Insights and the Heat Report features, allowing you to see where your energy is being used so that you can tweak heating schedules and boost your home’s efficiency. Checking your bills and submitting meter readings frequently to your energy supplier can also help you understand your home’s energy better, so this is also recommended.

8. Lower the temperature (in the Summer)

Whether you have smart or traditional heating controls, you can lower your bills in the Summer simply because you need them less. With Wiser, our Smart Modes like Away Mode can keep your heating as efficient as possible during the warmer months. 


Simply switch your system to Away Mode during the Summer to turn down all Wiser thermostats to a minimum level in just one simple tap. Once cooler temperatures return, disable Away Mode to return to your previously set heating schedules. Read how to Run your Heating System Effectively this Summer Here.

9. Add insulation and draught-proofing

Looking ahead to winter, insulation is crucial for lowering your home’s energy bills. This can save you almost £300 a year as it reduces heat loss, whilst draught-proofing can save you a bit extra whilst making your home more comfortable.

10. Be smart on new appliances

Need a new electrical appliance this year? Make sure to do your research on which items will be the most energy-efficient. Check out sites like Which? recommendations before purchasing any new devices to ensure you’re making the smartest investment when it comes to your bills. 

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