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30th World Water Day: How to Help with Wiser

World Water Day 2022 will be on Tuesday 22nd of March. So, what can your household do to mark the occasion? And how can Wiser’s Smart Heating Systems help to make your home greener and more sustainable? Read our special World Water Day blog below to find out! 


World Water Day: What’s different this year?

Beginning in 1993, World Water Day is about raising awareness for the importance of water and focusing on the ways we use it. Since its inaugural event, the day has had annual themes decided by UN-Water. This year marks the 30th World Water Day and, to celebrate, this year’s theme is groundwater. According to the event’s website, this has been chosen because: 


“Almost all of the liquid freshwater in the world is groundwater. As climate change gets worse, groundwater will become more and more critical. We need to work together to sustainably manage this precious resource. Groundwater may be out of sight, but it must not be out of mind.”

How Wiser’s green heating systems can help

As we discussed during Last Year’s Event, Wiser’s green heating solutions can help to make your boiler more energy efficient. If you have a conventional boiler with a separate hot water tank, then you can set up activation times for it. This means that you can take advantage of your conventional boiler’s off/on hot water settings with Our Smart Thermostats, saving you money through reduced water use.


However, new products that we’ve released in the past 12 months now provide even more ways to save water. Our Wet Underfloor Heating Controller allows you to control water-based (or wet) underfloor heating more efficiently.

What else can you do for World Water Day?

Whilst groundwater is this year’s focus, lowering your daily water use is also a great way of showing support for World Water Day in 2022. Reducing faucets use and meat intake, as well as using appliances such as kettles, washing machines and dishwashers as efficiently as possible, can all play a part. To support this year’s theme, you also Take The One Minute Challenge

You can learn more about this year’s World Water Day theme Here. And, from Smart Radiator Thermostats to our App-Based Controls, discover how we can Save Your Household Energy Here.