Wiser Thermostats Work With Alexa

Explore the opportunities by integrating your central heating with Alexa from Amazon. In just a few simple steps you can link your smart heating system with Alexa and start seeing the benefits today. 

Alexa Thermostat Set Up

Wiser is made up of just a heat hub, room thermostat, radiator thermostats and the app. This smart heating system has been built with simplicity in mind, while still giving the utmost in utility and convenience. By connecting your smart thermostat to the Alexa Voice Assistant from the Amazon Echo you enable voice control, giving you even more functionality from your smart heating system.

Enabling Alexa on your Wiser Thermostat is straightforward, simply ‘Enable Skill’ in the free Alexa App to allow your Wiser Heat account to be discovered. Using voice control you are fully in command of the heating in your home, therefore, even if your phone is out of reach you are still able to make changes easily. 

Simple Yet Versatile

Wiser smart thermostats are the ultimate in versatility, being compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, and Fire TV with Voice Remote. In addition Wiser Alexa thermostats work across mobile phones and operates on any Apple Android system.

Making Your Life Easier

 “Alexa, set the living room to 20 degrees”  

Wiser allows you to tailor your central heating to your personal needs, and so by linking with Alexa your life becomes more comfortable than ever. You are able to use your voice to control every room in your house, and you can even change the name of your rooms to make your Alexa thermostat even more personalised.  With Alexa working across many devices and platforms, this is a hassle free smart home feature that gives you even greater control over the heating in your home with minimal effort. We don’t just stop at Alexa, Wiser smart heating controls work with The Google Assistant and are compatible with IFTTT. Find out more about our other Smart Home features.

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