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Being Green During an Energy Price Crisis

As Energy Prices are Expected to Rise this Year, being eco-friendly with heating is a bit of an afterthought right now. But the current situation is a strange one, given the purpose of energy-efficient, smart heating systems. These were designed to Save Consumers Energy, so green heating solutions should work in tandem with reducing bills. But it’s not that simple, and here’s why.


Are priorities shifting?

The rising cost of living is forcing many people to establish their priorities. Research by Ipsos Mori states that 38% of households believe that saving money is more important than making eco-friendly choices. And, despite 43% saying that both are equally important, this highlights the concern the public holds over their energy usage. 


Have environmentally conscious consumers been let down?

To an extent, the current situation highlights a failure in longstanding government policies when it comes to green heating. Fears over inflation and the high cost of heating actively discourage people from installing more energy-efficient systems due to setup expenses. This means that government initiatives such as the Green Homes Grant Scheme are being undermined by an inability to reassure people about their energy bills.


Moreover, for those that have electric-based smart heating, the situation is even more frustrating. Many of these systems are controlled by UFH Controllers or Heat Switches, both of which can be far more efficient than gas boilers. But with the price of electricity set to rise at a faster rate than the price of gas, many households are left concerned about their options.


Green heating: what’s the solution?

Whilst the lack of control over the Cost of Heating in the coming months will be distressing, green heating solutions remain the best way forward for many. Regardless of your home’s heating source, technology such as the Smart Thermostat or Smart TRVs can significantly cut your energy consumption. In addition, smart heating systems provide extra control and more power to Identify Energy Wastage in your Home

Overall, it’s important to look at Short-Term Solutions for Energy Efficiency, and commit to long-term action where possible. In this respect, green heating can be an answer for both.

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