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6 Best Apps For Commuters

For some of us, commuting means getting up before the crack of dawn, walking to the train station and travelling 40 minutes into work. For others, it could involve travelling across the country during the week for business meetings, exhibitions or corporate events and then back home for family time at the weekend.

With these best apps for commuters, your life can more productive, stress-free and some of them will even save you money during your trips in and out of the office.

Google Maps

Never be late to a meeting again. Google Maps is a fantastic intuitive way to navigate around a busy city. Google Maps gives real-time traffic updates and real-time arrival updates for public transport. The app is also compatible with the Google Assistant for handsfree directions while on the move. The latest feature is Google Maps live view which incorporates AR technology. Find out more here.

Pocket Casts

Listening to the same music during long commutes can get boring and podcasts can bring some variety to the content your listening to. Pocket Casts  is the world’s most powerful podcast platform. The app provides search and discovery tools to help you find your next podcast obsession. Download and enjoy your favourite shows without having to subscribe. Brilliantly, if you do want to subscribe you can set Pocket Casts to automatically download your favourite episodes. Download here.

Wiser Heat App

Wiser enables you to save money and maximise comfort by changing your heating and hot water from anywhere. The Wiser Heat app will be your new best friend, allowing you to change the schedule of your heating on the move. If you must stay late at the office, just change the heating schedule by tapping the app. Or if you’re a commuter who works from home one or two days a week, then you can use the app to only heat your home office and not your whole house.


IFTTT is a free way to connect all your apps to work seamlessly together. IFTTT uses Applets to get more out of the apps and devices you use every day. You can set a perimeter around your home using IFTTT and when the last family member leaves that area the IFTTT app will talk to your smart heating system to turn off the heating in your home, saving you money. Or you can use it to automatically download your Discover Weekly podcast on Spotify every Monday morning. IFTTT is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for a more tailor-made service. You can Download it here, and check out how to Make the Most of IFTTT here.

Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo has recently released an app to help you learn languages on the move. Whether you’re sat on the tube or walking into work, this new app allows users to learn 11 different languages on-the-go. It’s an exceptional app for any commuter who loves weekend getaways in Europe and those who work in international organizations.


According to Monzo, 40,000 people open an account with them every week and this comes as no surprise due to the way the app helps customers save by organising their money. Users can set spending budgets for a variety of different things like groceries and partying, they also get instant notifications when the card is used. You can even ask the app to round up every spend to the nearest £1 to put away in a saving pot for your holiday.


If you’re a regular commuter and own a Wiser smart heating system, we want to know how it’s helped change your life or save you money. If you are already a Wiser customer remember to enable IFTTT to switch your heating off as soon as the last person leaves your home.

If you’re new to smart heating check out Wiser here.