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Eco-Friendly Smart Home Upgrades

Because of their variety of features, modern Smart Home devices often come with eco-friendly benefits. This has led to many of these products being described as green technology, a combination of science and electronics that helps the environment, either directly or indirectly. This term could be used to describe much of Wiser’s Catalogue, as well as many other smart home products which we’ll explore in this piece.


The Wiser System

Our Smart Room Thermostats can be described as utilising green technology due to the improvements they can make to the home’s central heating. The Energy Saving Abilities of our smart thermostats, as well as heating options such as Eco Mode, can make your home far more efficient. Our Insights Feature provides feedback to help you save even more energy, reducing the environmental impact of your heating system.  


Meanwhile, other Wiser products such as our Smart Plugs can also be considered eco-friendly home upgrades. These devices can be scheduled to activate appliances only when they’re needed, improving energy efficiency throughout your home. Wiser smart home devices are committed to using green technology to Create Smart and Sustainable Homes.


Green Technology for daily use

But it isn’t just Wiser producing environmentally beneficial smart home products. Some of the best green technology for helping to make your home more energy efficient in day-to-day life includes:


Streaming services 

You probably haven’t thought about them in this way, but ditching set-top boxes for streaming services can be eco-friendly. This is because set-top boxes have to constantly be on and consuming energy to play and record programmes. So, replacing these with an efficient smart TV with built-in streaming apps can greatly limit the power that your living room uses every day. 


Smartphone apps

Mobile apps can help any household to live more sustainably. From promoting plant-based diets to helping you save water, to energy-efficient heating controls on the Wiser App, there’s something for everyone. You can even find more information on Our Favourite Environmentally Friendly Apps Here!


Charging stations

Given that we charge multiple smart devices every day, finding the greenest way of doing this isn’t a bad idea. Thankfully, devices such as solar-powered charging stations are available, whilst car or public chargers can help to reduce your home’s energy consumption. You can also buy portable products with the most sustainable batteries to reduce your charging times.


Of course, with all smart home devices and green technology products, aim to recycle or upcycle your electronics when they’re no longer in use. Avoiding general waste bins helps to reduce the environmental impact of your product consumption even further.


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