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How Wiser Offers a Future-proof Heating System

Smart Heating Systems are often considered the way forward when it comes to making homes more energy-efficient. But, given these upgrades are long-term solutions, how does any central heating system ensure that it will be eco-friendly and fully compatible several years (or decades) down the line? 


Well, with Wiser, Our Smart Heating Products can now integrate with all areas of your home so that you can Install Our Systems With Confidence. Here’s how we’ve done it:


A Future-Proof Heating System

Smart Thermostats and TRVs: Comfort and Control

The Smart Room Thermostat is the key starting point of your future-proof heating system. It allows you to easily set heating schedules and room temperatures, whilst also offering wireless control. Meanwhile, the Smart Radiator Thermostat, or Smart TRV for short, enables you to personalise your system. They attach to existing radiator valves and are a cost-effective way of increasing your home’s energy efficiency.


Plus with either device, you can access innovative features such as Multi-Zone Heating Control and Wiser’s Smart Modes. Thus, you can invest in your home’s future, increase your comfort indoors, as well as Reduce Your Energy Bills!

UFH Controllers: Underfloor Heating made Smart

Thanks to our new Underfloor Heating (UFH) Controllers, Wiser has even more flexibility in how it can increase energy efficiency. UFH controllers allow you to precisely adjust room-to-room temperatures in properties where underfloor heating is the primary source of heat. It works by connecting to your existing underfloor heating structure, similarly to how our Smart TRVs Connect to Existing Radiators.


Moreover, because our UFH controllers link to your Wiser network of smart devices, they are added in tandem with our other products. Do you have underfloor heating downstairs but radiators upstairs? Connect a Wiser UFH controller to our Smart TRVs and control both using one system! 


The Wiser system allows up to 32 Wiser devices including 3 UFH controllers per home so the possibilities for your smart heating system are endless.


Electrical Heat Switch Control and Heat Pumps: Cover Everything

An Electrical Heat Switch Control is an inline switch that works with your Wiser Heat HubR. Essentially, it can then be used to control smaller, electrical heating units like a towel rail. As a result, you can cover everything in your heating system, giving temperature control to rooms that aren’t ideal for other smart products, such as the bathroom. 


In addition, the Wiser smart heating system is fully compatible with heat pumps, which are a low-emission alternative to gas boilers. This makes our products ready for Net-Zero Environmental Legislation from the Government that’s aiming to encourage low-carbon heating solutions. Thus, Wiser is committed to offering future-proof heating that’s compatible with the latest eco-friendly technology such as heat pumps.  


Thermostat App and Smart Plugs: The Wiser Smart Home

Wiser can provide several smart home upgrades alongside a modern heating system. The Wiser App, for instance, can be used to control all of your Wiser devices in one place, anytime, anywhere. Thus, from your UFH Controller to Browsing your Home’s Heat Report, your phone can be the go-to place for anything in your smart heating system.


The app can also be used to control other Wiser products, such as our Smart Plugs. These devices turn any electrical appliance into a smart device, giving you full remote control of lights, TVs, speakers and more. And with our other smart home features, like IFTTT and voice control with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, you can future-proof your whole home with Wiser!