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Make the Most of Wireless Heating Controls

Throughout the UK wireless devices have rapidly spread to more areas of our homes, including our central heating controls. Wireless heating controls have gained popularity in recent years because they’re easy to install and more convenient when it comes to temperature adjustments. Many people are unsure about the full range of benefits that these heating controls offer, and how they can make the most of their wireless device. 


How do they work? 

Wireless heating controls operate via a Remote Thermostat, a digital device that displays and monitors the surrounding temperature. It utilises electronic sensors and communicates wirelessly with the boiler controller to provide comfortable, efficient heating in the zone it’s situated in. With multiple radiator thermostats, you can easily set up Zonal Heating for multi-room wireless heating control.


What to look out for in wireless heating controls

Understanding frequency

With most households owning several wireless devices, it’s important to understand the expected signal range. Most devices work reliably within a range of 30 metres, but when setting up wireless heating controls it’s useful to consider the effect of thick walls, ceilings, and interference from other electronic devices. 


The number of features

Connected, wireless heating controls like Wiser are packed with features to ensure convenience and save energy:



When setting up wireless heating controls, ensure you use a reliable, approved installation team. Find your local Wiser Approved installer today. It’s also important to choose the appropriate solution for your boiler type. With Wiser it’s easy, use our online  to find the right kit for you in seconds.

For more helpful advice on getting started with Wiser wireless heating controls, feel free to check out Our Support Page.