The Wiser Remote Thermostat

Remote thermostats incorporate convenient and intuitive controls into a household heating system. This allows you to adjust the heat of your home in different rooms from one single device wherever you are, offering you flexibility and the chance to save energy and money.

Why a Remote Thermostat should be your choice

Remote thermostats go the extra mile by helping you reduce your energy usage and save money. You’re in complete control over how, when, and where your energy is used in your household. Simply download The Wiser App and control it all through your smartphone!


Say goodbye to forgetting to set the thermostat or wasting your energy while you’re out. Through the app you can ensure you don’t overheat your home, by controlling the heating from your mobile phone, anywhere at any time.

Added Benefits and Helpful Features of Remote Thermostats

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Wiser Modes

Wiser remote thermostats include three energy saving Smart Modes - Eco, Comfort and Away Mode - as well as an Open Window Detection feature, which detects draughts and turns the heating off to reduce energy wastage. Eco Mode learns about the thermal properties of your home and calculates the most efficient and economical way to heat it, helping you make Significant Energy Savings.

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Multi-Zone Control

The Multi-Zone Control Feature allows you to adjust the settings in different rooms of your house separately using Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs).

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Works with Amazon Alexa & The Google Assistant

Voice control makes life simpler; easily adjust your energy usage with the help of voice assistants and link all of your smart devices with IFTTT Integration.

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Pre-plan your energy usage for when you’re at home and when you’re away. This can also be tweaked via the Wiser App and you’ll get feedback via the Wiser Insights & Heat Report.

Wiser is the Smart Choice

Our Remote Thermostats’ OpenTherm feature enables your remote thermostat and boiler to communicate with each other. This was designed by Wiser to ensure your energy usage is at the most efficient it can be.


Smart thermostats redefine the way you manage not just your central heating, but your home as well. Wiser integrates seamlessly with pre-existing smart home systems and help you build your home of the future when you add control of electrical devices using Wiser Smart Plugs.


You can find more information on our Smart Remote Thermostats Here. For help and advice on our range of products, visit to Our Support Page

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