To take your system to the next level of hands-free convenience, simply ask the Google Assistant to make the adjustments for you.

Your Wiser home, your smarter home

Smart speakers like Google Home are making our homes smarter than ever.

Use voice commands to check the status of and make changes to your Wiser system with the help of the Google Assistant, whether it’s checking what temperature is currently set in the bedroom, turning off the hot water, or turning on the coffee maker.

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Open the Google Home app on your mobile device

Tap the menu in the top left corner and select “Home control” from the menu

On the “Home control” page tap the “+” button

Select “Wiser Heat” from the list of available smart skills

On the Wiser log-in page, enter your Wiser log-in credentials

Upon successful completion of the above steps you will see a list of your Wiser Heat rooms (and Hot Water if applicable)

Note that all Wiser Heat rooms (and Hot Water) are listed as Google Home “Devices” rather than “Rooms”.

The Google Home and Google Home Mini will booth work with the Wiser heating system.

Control the hot water

Okay Google is the hot water on?

Okay Google turn ON/OFF hot water

Control a thermostat/radiator thermostat:

Okay Google set (room name) to (XX degrees)

Okay Google turn up/make warmer/increase the temperature (will increase the set-point temperature by 3 degrees)

Check your thermostat/radiator thermostat:

Okay Google how warm is (room name)

Yes, to edit the name of any room open the app, go to settings and select the ‘Rooms and Devices’ option from the menu. In this screen, you can select the room you want to edit from the list of available rooms. You can even add new rooms from this screen if you want to.

Once you have renamed your room you’ll need to evoke the Discover Devices command.

All changes requested via the Google Assistant are valid for one hour or until the next scheduled event

Intelligent Google Assistant controlled smart heating

Wiser is a fully Google Home compatible smart heating system and adding it to your Google Home list of smart skills takes seconds. Whilst adding your Wiser devices, you can rename them so that you know which room of your home they represent. Google Home enables users to use voice commands to interact with services through its intelligent personal assistant named Google Assistant. Once initial syncing is completed your multi-zone heating and hot water can be fully voice controlled.

Google Assistant smart heating commands

Just some of the spoken Google Assistant smart heating commands you can use with your Wiser system include:


  • “OK Google, set the spare room to 23 degrees”
  • “OK Google, turn off the heating in the living room”
  • “OK Google, increase the bedroom temperature by 2 degrees”
  • “OK Google, turn on the heating at 7pm”
  • “OK Google, turn off all thermostats”
  • “OK Google, turn on the hot water”
  • “OK Google, turn on the hot water at 5pm”

You can also ask questions and receive spoken answers such as:

  • “OK Google, what is the temperature set to in the kitchen?”
  • “OK Google, is the hot water on?”

In addition to smart heating and water, up to 10 fully voice activated Wiser Smart Plugs can be added to your system for further automation. When added to appliances around your home, further commands can be used such as:

  • “OK Google, turn on the living room lamp”
  • “OK Google, turn on the slow cooker at 2pm”

Updating Your Heating With Wiser

Upgrading to Wiser smart heating could pay for itself in just three years or less by saving you energy; learn more about Wiser's energy saving features and to find out how to buy Wiser smart heating products today from one of our trusted selling partners.

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Amazon Alexa

Wiser is also compatible with Amazon Echo smart speakers. Connect in minutes to control both your heating and smart plugs with voice commands to Amazon Alexa.

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Try out IFTTT

By helping you link Wiser with other apps, IFTTT lets you configure your heating to switch on Away Mode automatically when you leave the home to save you money.

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