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How to Control Your Heating With Google Home Assistant

It’s easy to integrate smart thermostats like Wiser with Google Home devices for voice-activated thermostat control. Once connected, simply ask the Google Assistant to turn the heating up, change a setpoint, or check what the temperature in a given room is, and let smart technology do the rest. Let’s guide you through the set-up and how to control your system with the Google Assistant.

How to set up voice activation with your smart thermostat and Google Assistant

Once you’ve installed the Google Home app, connecting it to your Wiser heating system is easy with our step-by-step guide:

  • Open the Google Home app and select “Home Control” from the menu.
  • Tap the “+” button on this page and choose “Wiser Heat” from the list of smart skills displayed.
  • Enter your Wiser log-in details.
  • All done! Once logged in you’ll see a list of your Wiser zones and rooms, which you can now control with the Google Assistant.

What you can do with your smart thermostat using the Google Assistant?

With Google Home devices you can control other internet-connected devices in your home with just your voice, like turning on lights, entertainment devices and adjusting smart thermostats and smart plugs from Wiser. To change or check the temperature in any room, just start with “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and then something along the lines of:

  • “Make it warmer” or “Lower the temperature”
  • “Increase the temperature to [x]” or “Set the temperature to [x]”
  • “Turn on Eco / Comfort / Away Mode”
  • “What’s the temperature in the Kitchen?”

To control Smart Plugs with the Google Assistant, make sure you’ve assigned names to each smart plug in the app to show which electrical device it’s connected to, then use phrases like:

The Extras of Google Home

As well as voice commands, the Google Home app lets you rename any Wiser device or smart thermostat-controlled room to add some extra personalisation. Any changes you make with your voice are valid for one hour, so no need to worry about it permanently changing your usual heating schedule. This guarantees that Google Home integrates seamlessly with smart thermostats from Wiser.

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