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How To Control Your Heating With An Amazon Alexa Compatible Thermostat

Wiser has a range of Amazon Alexa compatible thermostats that make life easier for you. Just ask Alexa and you can control the heating in every room of your house with the ultimate in convenience… it couldn’t be easier.

Integration of Amazon Echo with Wiser plug

With the use of smart speakers like Amazon Echo you can use voice commands to check the status of your heating and adjust your Wiser system, whether it’s checking what temperature the bathroom is, decreasing the temperature in the living room, or turning on the bedside lamp if you have a Wiser Plug. Wiser can do it all with your commands via Alexa.

The Amazon Echo is not the only device that is compatible with your Wiser system, other Alexa devices include, the Amazon Echo Dot, Tap and Fire TV with Voice Remote.


There are a number of voice commands you can use with your Wiser Heating System to adjust your settings, here are some examples:


Discover devices:

"Alexa, discover devices"


Controlling the hot water

"Alexa, turn on the hot water"


Control a thermostat:

"Alexa, set (living room) temperature to (20) degrees"


Check your thermostat:

"Alexa, what’s the temperature in the (kitchen)?"


The words in brackets are interchangeable, so you can pick a desired temperature for whichever room you choose. You can also change the names of rooms in the Wiser Heating App for easier voice control, just go to settings then select the ‘Rooms and Devices’ option on the menu. From here, you can select the room you want to edit from the available rooms listed on the screen, you can also add new rooms.


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